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Hello & Fast Heart Rate

Hi newbie here ! So quick question and perhaps I am somewhat anxious but I have a question that I hope someone could answer!

The other day I saw my GP having had quite a few dizzy spells and feeling sick a lot , along with the odd pain twinge in the chest and palpitations ! So the GP checked my pulse and found it to be a little fast and so sent me to the Cardiology department for a ECG Heart Trace.

The technician who took did the ECG on me told me that the ideal rate is between 60 to 100 BPM he also said that the ECG detected my heart rate to be nearer the 100 end of the BPM scale . So my question is when having an ECG your at rest , so is it normal ?

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Hi there, did you see anyone else aside from the technician? Have you any follow up appointments with any specialists?

Your resting heart rate depends on many factors, age, fitness, weight etc, I would suggest you speak to your GP if you don't have any follow ups booked

Good luck Mark

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GP is referring me to Cardiology but wanted me to have had a heart trace test prior


As Mark has already said, your heart rate depends on many factors but the technician is also correct 60-100 would be considered normal (depending on your age etc)


Hi there, there is info on the BHF about heart rates and explains about top end heart rate when exercising and age, good luck


Hi HeartMatters - here's the BHF information sheet on heart rates as Andrew1966 mentioned...


Hope this helps!


I was told the ideal is 60-90, mine is also fast & has been for many yrs, it means that I have to take things @ a slower pace

Mine peeks @ 160 when walking & did when resting whilst in A&E, but it took 16 mnths for my local hospital to admit that it's fast


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