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Test results

I have an appointment at Papworth on the 4th May to meet up with the surgeon, plus a pre. op.

I was also sent the outcome of my tests , some I don't understand, but too scared to google them!!! They are..... anterolateral commissure prolapse with severe prolapse mitral regurgitation, in addition to extensive posterior annular calcification

Angiogram demonstrated severe proximal LAD disease as well as disease in the circumflex artery

In review of the extensive calcification around the mitral valve annular I will need a CT. I know none of you are medic, but anyone had this diagnosis, or some of them ?


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Hi Bowler

I understand some of it but it is difficult to comment because it would need to be very subjective, not knowing the actual level of disease. Seeing so you don't have an appointment until May if I was in your position I would contact my GP to explain the findings of the tests.

Dr Google would not be able to help very much as he won't have seen the results of the tests only the summary which doesn't real help.


Frank W


Thank you for your reply,

I suppose I should ask my GP, but as I only got the results today, I thought I would share them and ask about them, no doubt I will have to wait 2 weeks for an appointment to see a Dr. [ my surgery has also been sent a copy. ] I live in a smallish village and our surgery is run by Locums so I never see the same one. The only consolation I have, is that as my appointment isn't until May I can only assume I'm not an emergency.

best wishes



Lots of people here have needed mitral valve repair or replacement, and some have needed bypass as well. I gather you already knew you had mitral valve regurgitation and some blocked arteries. This is just anatomical detail which says which bit of the mitral valve has gone wrong, and which coronary arteries need to be sorted.

These details are nothing to worry about , they just give helpful information to the surgeon on which bit of your mitral valve isn't working properly so he can see exactly what he needs to do to your valve. Again the CT scan is just to get a better pre-operative look - the visualisation on CT scans now is amazing. One of the reasons that Papworth is such a good hospital is that it does very thorough preparation for operations.

I don't know if you've ever had a CT scan, but they just pop you into the scanner with your head and arms sticking out and often give you some contrast in a vein. It takes very little time and really is not a problem.

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Thank you for your reply, which was very encouraging. Yes I already knew I had a mitral valve leak, and some blocked arteries from some recent tests.

The letter I had today with all the info on was not easy to understand, but as you explained it's just anatomical details, which I didn't understand. I have had a CT scan before for another health issue, so I know what to expect.

thank you.


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