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Pleural Effusion


I was admitted to hospital on Wednesday with stabbing pains and difficulty breathing without pain. Thought I’d pulled some muscles doing yoga!

My markers are up so suspected infection. Awaiting blood cultures and echocardiogram result. X-ray showed fluid, they have drained 700 ml from the space between my lungs and chest wall. It certainly has eased the pain and starting to feel a bit better.

Has anyone experienced this post op? Would be interested to know.

Take care all


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Yes, I had to go back into hospital with a pleural effusion/ infection markers. I had a chest drain put in for a few days, and IV antibiotics for longer. I do sympathise, especially when you have already been through so much.

These setbacks are so frustrating, but now I am absolutely recovered I never think about it. This too shall pass!

I do hope it is sorted soon and your echo is clear.


Thank you for replying I’m so happy to hear you are recovered. It’s very encouraging to hear, I have woken up today feeling the best I have for the past week. Hopefully the fluid removal and antibiotics have worked their magic. Echo results today and hopefully I can go home fingers crossed.

Take care


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