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I have heart failure getting two years, time I had my baby if am work, wear bra , doing house work, at the same time looking after my baby,

I feel tied , all pain in my chest, some time feels lazy I had my baby I had heart failure, but always I go for treatment and blood test. Still feel pain on my chest am taken medication every day , If I work feels dizzy and tired pain on my chest, at the same time looking after my baby take care of her, but my doctor said they going to do the operation, they going to fix metal machine on my heart later they will do heart palpitating, I don’t know if I will stay long or not, but my doctor said if am not alone then do do I will not stay long ,

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Hello and welcome. I was diagnosed with heart failure when I had my daughter six years ago and remember how hard it was to take care of a baby when you are feeling awful and quite scared and confused. It does get easier, I promise. Is it a pacemaker you are having fitted? Or a defibrillator? I have both. The procedure is pretty straightforward. There are a few discussions on the forum about the recovery and what it's like to live with a device. Let me know if you can't find them and would like me to send you a link for them. Good luck with everything x


Thanks, please send me the link


Please did you do the operation for your heart failure


The only surgery I've had for my heart failure is having my device (a CRT-D) fitted. That's a minor procedure, I only had to stay in hospital for one night.



This post relates to having an ICD. You haven't said what sort of device you'll be getting, but the procedure of fitting and the initial recovery is similar whether it is a pacemaker or a defibrillator.

My reply to the post above (it's right at the bottom of the replies) also has links to a few other posts you might find useful.

Good luck.


Laura gives fab advice from personal exspireance.

You will get through tjis honey & you will be strong once again.

Hugs & more hugs, Jo 😊😊😊


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