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Hi have recently been to hospital severe left shoulder and chest pains ecg was a bit dodgy got x ray and bloods told i was ok i am constantly tired pains in shoulder and left arm start every morning last till i go to bed heart feels stiff if that makes sense on left side dont feel right suffer from sleep apnoea which i have read can cause heart disease something feels not right

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Hi Tel7

Sorry to hear you're experiencing these symptoms.

I would suggest seeing your GP ASAP to discuss the results from the hospital (he/she should have received these by now) and talk about exactly what they showed.

If everything was ok cardiac wise then your GP may wish to 'explore' other reasons for the pains you're experiencing.

Wishing you all the best.


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hi Julie

Thanks for your advice I intend to see my GP i Think its vascular that causes a rash and pain on my left shoulder and chest




I'm not a doctor, or indeed a medically trained professional so just a few thoughts here.

I'm guessing a bit here, but the tiredness might just be related to your sleep apnoea. Do you have any treatment or device to help you with that? It is true that it sleep apnoea is thought to be a sign of heart disease, but I don't believe there is anything out there to say its a definitive link. Sleep apnoea can be related to a whole host of things - alcohol, weight, smoking etc..

As a general rule, if you are unhappy with how things are progressing and/or you are not happy with the outcomes of discussions, ask for a 2nd opinion - it is your right to do so.

Since you have had an ECG (that looked a bit dodgy!?), have you had it formally assessed by a cardiologist? If not ask to see a cardiologists (again within your rights to do so).

Lastly, have you considered that the problem might be muscular - shoulder injury for example. Have you tried any physiotherapy to see if it eases the discomfort? It maybe a bit of a long shot, but worth considering since pain and tightness on the left side is not always cardiac related (but can be worrisome if you don't know!)


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Hi Steve

I think its vascular and comes with a rash on my body on I have been put on Fexofenadine for the rash but does not explain it the chest shoulder pain full intend to get to bottom of it going to request to have tests and see a vascular cardiologists need to find an answer.




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