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Second Sunday running, no not running walking, I have done 11 miles around my home. Last week in brilliant sunshine but seriously cold today not so cold but very grey. I am lucky I live in such a place to be half a mile from fields, bridle paths and byways. I am building up to walking up a small Spanish mountain, Mulhacen in the Sierra Nevada, at the end of April.

Now I know there are some seriously fit people out there and I need some advice, the distance is fine, I'm comfortable doing 100k steps a week with very ill effect, ache yes, but the rest is mainly ok. With the exception of my left leg, the one the vein was taken from. It is swollen and numb and tonight, if last week is anything to go by, I will have 'restless leg'. Should I be wearing compression socks? Do I get home and raise the leg? Any tips or suggestions grateful accepted



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Well done you.

Little countryside here, mostly polluted roads to get anywhere I want to go in Bristol. Unless I take the dodgy paths of course?????

But yes, definitely elevate at least same hight as the rest of your body, if not more. I wouldn't bother with the stockings/socks.

Cold compress for a few minutes, no more than ten at a time. Also not directly onto the skin. Maybe use a tea towel or pillowcase etc.

Then maybe a couple of stretches and little walk around the house, make a cuppa or cold drink.

Then elevated again for a while, maybe with a warm, not completely hot, hot water bottle.

Prehaps your wife would massage your leg a couple of times this evening. Gentle stretching & pottering around the house a couple more times before bed.

Plenty of fluids as I have heard our temperature rises at night. Then if you put a pillow or two under your leg in bed, you may just stop the restless legs.

Good luck Mark, let us know how you got on 😊


Thanks Sina


I think you could be wearing compression socks especially if your leg is swollen and take them off and raise legs when you get home ... take care ... ♥️

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Hi Mark read or heard recently

Walking is good Running is just for Emergencies LOL


Frank W


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