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Does myocarditis sound likely?

Hi all I know I'm not going to find definite answers here but just looking for advice really. Back in November I developed a viral infection. It didn't last too long but I started to getting palpitations and shortness of breath which resulted in me taking a trip to the hospital. After a blood test and ECG the consultant put it down to panic attack (something I have never suffered with prior to the viral infection) and sent me on my way. I continued to get these palpitations and 3 more ECGs later I'm still told my heart is fine. The dr decided to put me on propanolol. Fast forward 2 months I no longer have palpitations but I have many other symptoms:

Twinges in chest (mostly central )

Pins and needles all over

Cramps in calf (mostly left)

Tingling in hands

Hot flashes

Vomiting white frothy liquid

Aching all over

Pain in ribs


Pain in shoulders

Stomach ache


Is it likely the drs misdiagnosed and I have heart problems. I just can't get my head round the fact I have never suffered with palpitations and yet develop them after a viral infection. I've had 2 months of feeling utterly rubbish and feeling like I'm getting no where with drs.

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I have a viral infection that has reached my heart and I get fatigued and feel sickly and get out of breath often and get chest pains and pins and needles all over and body tiggling. I’m haven’t daily heart ops cos of this virus. It’s not nice but I’m just about copeing wiv it.

God Bless



Sorry you are going through this. I hope you begin to feel better soon.



Very similar story to me, I went to a&e in Oct with right sided chest pain (under my right breast) and extending round my back. After an ecg, chest X-ray and full bloods I was discharged and told I was suffering anxiety. On average since Oct I’ve been to a&e about once every 2 weeks, chest pains, vomiting, shaking, tiredness, soreness. I too was put on 40mg propanol to calm down.

After several visits to my gp demanding a second opinion he referred me to cardiologist where I had an echocardiogram 2 weeks ago which showed I have pericarditis and fluid round my heart.

I’ve been put on anti inflammatory colchicine but this hasn’t helped any, and the pain is still as frequent as it has always been. I’m a 36 year old female.

I see cardiologist again next month.

I would definitely be asking for a second opinion.



Hi sorry for the late response. That's horrible you went through all that. I have to say I am doing pretty well at the minute. I'm off medication. I quit smoking (day 11) quit coffee and I feel like I'm on the up!! Not saying I'm cured but I am certainly feeling better.


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