Viral Myocarditis

Hi everyone

I’m a very fit 34 yo who has been diagnosed with viral myocarditis after a sudden onset of severe chest pain and flu-like feeling and low level temperature. Inverted t-waves on my ECG has me sent to hospital and that’s the result. Luckily no damage to the heart muscle so I’m home with anti-inflammatories & strict instructions to rest & call on Wednesday if not improving (A&E if I get worse). I’m just wondering if anyone else has experience of this and if so, once I’m over the virus when is it sensible to return to my sport?

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  • Hi there, a thread or two here and here on the BHF website

    I'm sorry I don't know too much about it but hopefully one of ourmembers or a bhf nurse will be able to help

  • Thanks skid :) I’d read the BHF link already from another post. I seem to be pretty damn lucky they caught it before I had damage to the heart muscle. Let’s hope it stays that way 😣

  • Hi bear I'm Michelle I went to a n e with chest pains in March of this year was told I had had mild heart attack . Went to papworth an found out my arterys were fine so mri was done showed either myocarditis or embolism. Had another one done recently as a follow up not sure of results but consultant thinks it's myocarditis hopefully find out soon. I was allowed back to work 8 weeks later but struggled so had another 2 weeks off . Go by what your body tells u don't push your self and talk to your doctor x

  • Thank you so much for the reply. I don’t really have a doctor - the nurse practitioner called a consultant out of the lab to see me in the chest pain clinic. I’ll get in touch with my rheumatologist to see if he wants me to see a cardiologist for a follow up. I will speak to my GP too - perhaps if I’m feeling better later she will repeat the ECG to check the electrical pulses are normal again before I train. I don’t want to drop down dead at 34!

  • If I was you I wouldn't doing any training until a doctor tells you it's ok . You have to rest with myocarditis

  • Hi Bear, sounds quite similar to my condition - pericarditis, but they suspect I may also had Myocarditis at some point too. I was told that I wasn't supposed to exercise at all by my consultant.

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