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Life returns to 'new' normal


Its not quite three months since my triple CABG and tomorrow evening I'm off on my first long haul flight post op. I've checked and packed everything - drugs, compression socks, warm clothes and the general paraphernalia of a typical business trip - but with the slight difference in that I've packed gym kit - a first!

Hotel living is both dull and unhealthy. There is only so much time I can spend in my hotel room reading and I don't understand the local TV, so thats out. Looks like I have no excuses!! And I quite like the new fitter leaner me.

I still have various aches and pains, but generally I'm fitter now (and lighter now) than I have been in years. And I know I still have a way to go yet, but life really does feel like its returning to normal (whatever normal is these days). Now I just need to start swinging a golf club!

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Have a great trip Steve. Looking forward to hearing how you get on.


Pleased to hear you've made such good progress - might give the golfing return a bit longer though! Hope your trip goes okay.


skid112Heart Star

Hi Steve,

enjoy your break, just take it easy with that golf swing



Hi Steve, really hope you enjoy your holiday. Sounds like you're doing really well, so great to hear!

Have a wonderful time Steve, great to hear you're making such good progress.

10 weeks after my quad cabg I was chipping in my golf club’s indoor simulator, wk 12 played a few holes outdoors with a few clubs. Wk 16 played full round close to my handicap and now 7 months down the line am playing the best golf I’ve played in years due to my new relaxed attitude. If my totally unexpected cabg has taught me anything, it’s that life’s too fragile to get stressed and coming from a serious control freak who has spent his life resenting having to sleep because it’s a waste of good productive time, you cannot believe how difficult that change has been!

stevejb1810 in reply to BAGS17

There’s hope for me yet then 😃. Why is it we stress heads/control freaks take up golf in the first place ....... lol

BAGS17 in reply to stevejb1810

Why do we get coronary heart disease, more importantly? I did nothing to deserve it but it appeared totally out of the blue!!

skid112Heart Star in reply to BAGS17

Hi Bags, many reasons, some as yet unexplained. Could be family history, could be stress, could be high cholesterol there isnt a simple 'this is the reason'

Enjoy your trip hopefully you can get back to normal

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