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cancelation op offered!

Hello, I got a call from Papworth this morning asking if i could go in tomos for op Thursday! They had a cancellation they wanted to fill, this terrified me im just not mentally prepared and also still fighting off an awful cough and cold had for weeks. I declined she said that was fine no problem at all but it has made me realise how real this all is and that it is actually gonna happen!

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Hi Kaz, given you are ill they more than likely wouldn't have proceeded anyhow. I can fully understand your fear, I think we all get worried over such a huge thing, you will be fine and come out the other side so much better

take care


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I'm with Mark (Skid), in that you'd probably not have been given the op anyway because you are currently ill, so your decision saved someone else making it for you!

I don't know that you are ever truly 'ready' for these ops. I needed a triple CABG and was offered a cancellation less than 20 hours before I was taken down to theatre (I said yes!). In my case I knew I was going to have the op sooner or later and I hated 'hanging around'. But my state of mind was definitely different once I had a confirmed date versus just waiting for a date. Before having a date I was quite relaxed, calm and actually quite bored. Afterwards I started to get a lot more restless and nervous - I didn't sleep. Thankfully I had to wait a very short time and didn't have too much time to think about what was about to happen. I do not regret taking that cancellation and I'd certainly recommend anyone takes one if at all able to do so. Bite the bullet and hopefully start your recovery sooner!

Good luck when you get there



My call to Papworth for an AVR was also at short notice, but I only hesitated for a nano second before agreeing. I'm so glad I did as I didn't have time to feel anxious. It all went brilliantly. The staff there are great and I felt very relaxed.

I do agree it was best not to go ahead in your current state of health, but, if I were you, I'd ring them again when you are better to let them know you are ready. I don't think anyone is absolutely fully prepared before their surgery, but no problem is insurmountable, you'll manage I'm sure. Best of luck. Margaret x

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