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My Story... So far. Advice Gratefully received. 🙂

I am a 57 year old male. Worked as a carer for my father for many years, until he died 4 years ago. I suffer from extreme anxiety, depression, and, osteoporosis in my spine. I have also recently been diagnosed with Aspbergers.. Physically, I have been relatively fit all my life, I was a keen cyclist, and until recently, walked 6-7 miles a day. I have never smoked, or been a drinker. I am a bit over weight. Until recently I did eat a fair amount of junk food. Probably the worst thing that could possibly have affected my health, that I have indulged in is Diet Cola.. I drank a lot of this. I stopped about a year ago, after reading about how bad diet cola is for you... The reason that I have joined this forum, happened about two weeks before Christmas. I was shopping, when I realised that I had a mild pain in my chest. I started feeling a bit breathless. There was pain across my shoulders, and down both arms, to my elbows. When I stopped walking, the pain stopped too. I didn't really think anymore about it. Waited a minute and continued my shopping. Over the next week, every time I started my walk the pain would return. I must emphasis that the pain was very mild. I thought that I had probably strained something.. On the Friday before Christmas, I really felt a bit strange. I went to see my GP. She found that my BP was high 177/117. My HR was in the 90's. I was prescribed Amlodipine 5mg. I still had Dad's old BP monitor. I used that to keep a check on my BP. It had steadied to 130/100 within a couple of days. It does vary a little bit each day. Then, almost a week to the day that I was prescribed the Amlodipine, I noticed that my pulse was racing. I was still getting the chest pains whilst walking too. I went to visit the GP again. I was very worried by this time. I had a ECG, but apart from the raised heart rate, nothing was wrong. I was referred to the chest pain clinic at the hospital. I was then sent home. My heart rate was still high. I had a nap when I got home. When I woke up, I instantly felt much better. Upon checking, my heart rate was back to normal. Go figure.. I received a call from the heart clinic, and an appointment was made for the next week. I went along feeling ok. I had another ECG, and told them my story.. Going on my description of the pain, which I was informed was text book.. They think that I have Angina.. I am booked in for a CT scan later this month. I have also been prescribed extra drugs.. This, I am unhappy about. I know that the Staff are covering all bases, but until the Angina is definitely confirmed, and to which level, why do I have to take three lots of BP meds, baby aspirin, and Statins?.. My anxiety is sky high at the moment. Which of course doesn't help.. Being on the autism spectrum, I need to have very precise information on important issues. I feel that the hospital didn't give me this. If anyone reading this, can give me any advice. I would be most grateful.. I will update my story after my CT scan. Thank you for taking the time to read my story..Read less

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