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Just wanting opinions

So for the past year I’ve suffered from random chest pain that at time travels to my arms or jaw and back. Never had these things happened at the same time. It’s like they almost comes in waves. The chest pain is random and normally at rest. When i get the chest pain i sometimes try and do some kind of exercise to see if it makes it worse but it never does and sometimes relieves the pain. It’s driving me crazy bc ive seen a heart doctor and had 5 ekgs, worn a event monitor, had a echo and a stress test. The only thing that came back was occasional pvc’s and grade 1 Dystolic dysfunction(which my heart dr was not concerned about bc she said i have normal blood pressure no diabetic, she just told me to lose weight and odds are it wouldn’t be there next time).

Because I’m still having this random pain I’m just concerned that something was missed or something still could be wrong with my heart. I do have anxiety and now I’m afraid they are just chalking everything up to that. My dr said bc i feel no pain with exertion it can’t be unstable angina which i was really worried about.

I’m just looking for advice if i should just leave it along and settle for it’s just anxiety or if i should seek another opninion?


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Currently you do not mention timescales or how much weight you have lost. Someone I know kept having symptoms of arthritis and was reluctant to accept that it was just stress on their joints for quite a time. When they started to lose weight it took over a year but the symptoms have now virtually disappeared - they still have more weight to lose. I suspect it may be stress but may be wrong.

Another thought is do you suffer with acidity, reflux or similar issues? It can sometimes be hard for people to distinguish from heart pain.


I do suffer from acid reflux from time to time. This all started in Jan of this year. I’ve lost 20 so far since September and want to lose another 60.

The pain is so odd it’s hard to explain like sometimes i just feel pressure over my left breast or there will be a weird feeling in the center of my chest at my sternum.

I feel like my heart dr this last time just did the stress test to get me to shut up. And feel like she won’t do anymore test with out good cause.


I would seek more advice I had complained to my GP for two years that I had back pain and tired all the time although I sleep well at night, he repeatedly told me I was doing too much, the pain was probably from my hiatus hernia double up on antacid tablets, or maybe your depressed!!! Non of this made sense to me, finally I end up in A&E ECG shows heart problem, quadruple bypass and thirteen stents later I’m still struggling more than before all of this, you know your own body, be persistent if you don’t feel ok xxx Mejue


I could have written your post, ive been getting pain for 2 yrs and its been random pain at times between jaw, neck, arm, chest, back, shoulders and have had many ECGs which have shown nothing and 2 exercise ECGs which both showed nothing however I have just kept complaining and am going in for a nuclear scan just to make sure everything is OK. Everyone I have seen says it doesn't sound like heart problems but I'm not prepared to take that risk given my family has a pretty bad history of heart issues - at the end of the day its your health that's at possible risk not anyone elses, do what's right for you. Everyone looks for the classic, typical symptoms but not everyone suffers from them. As Mejue has said you know your own body and how you feel.

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