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My Mum had a cardiac arrest in May out of nowhere whilst we were on holiday, she has had an ICD with pacemaker fitted and is doing well, however her diagnosis is currently still cardiac arrest as the likely result of myocarditis..... at the start of the year she had constant colds and chest infections, for the last 4-5 weeks she's had constant colds again which she can't seem to shift. Any suggestions how to shift the colds and get her healthy again, preferably before her cardiologist apt next month ?

Don't want to be going through the start of this year again anytime soon.....

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Hi there, sorry to hear of your mothers issues. I would suggest a trip back to your GP, a constant cold may well be the symptoms of other underlying issues and its better to make sure. Its also relatively easy to catch these sort of infections if your body is weaker from something else

take care



Hi I would def go to your gp as soon as poss, I put it off and unfortunately when I was forced to go with what I thought was infected sinuses, was actually heart failure, I definitely don't want to alarm you in any way, but even if it is a bad cold he can put your mind at rest and mabe prescribe something to help, till your cardiologist appointment, take care char xx


hello sara sorry to hear about your mom not feeling well but i can not help you concerning her cold infections i never was effected with anything like that but i am sure everything will get sorted out and that your mom will be fine just try not to get stresed and make sure you and your family have a wonderful christmas and lots and lots of happy new years


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