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Have been having some pain under my left breast for quite some years now, worsened recently, and there is a heavy feeling there constantly. Have had various tests, including several ecg, 24 hour monitoring ecg, my pulse going, off and on, below 60, and my oxygen levels getting as low as 95 at times, and other tests that have all come back clear. I have diabetes, atherosclerosis, and my calcium score was considered high for my sex and age. I have had chronic stress for decades that has had a big effect on my physical health, prematurely aging and making walking difficult for me, get out of breath easily and feel quite ill if I walk, stand for too long.

Would like to have an electrocardiograph, but my GPS refuse as tests indicate nothing is wrong despite all these conditions and the continuous pain under my left breast. They say it is connected to the anxiety in my life.

Can someone tell me if there is anyway I can try to convince the doctors of the necessity of having this test? Have checked the NHS RightCare page of NHS England for information. What information can I provide them to convince them of the need for test? Would welcome advice on this..

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Hi Lydia, how worrying for you. You say you’ve already had several ECG’s - when was the last one ?


Hi Kimlouise, it was several months ago now. My last ecg, which came back clear. Have sent an email off to my borough’s rightcare officer for some advice. Hopefully, she’ll be able to give me some useful information on this..


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