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Check history

was hospital virus 2 nights home feeling well. At night nurses took my bp heart rate which read 30 and 34 they went into panic wanted give atropine speed heart up.

This fass went on 2 nights yet they failed check cardiac notes that had holter test showed top range 100 lower range 34 gave me hr 50 a resuring study also note on

2.5mg bisoprol had cardio version done nstemi heart attack but no heart damage.

Now if been given atropine been serious trouble when cardiac doctor saw me less

impressed with staff junior doctor looked after me i had given them copy test and

was on pc. i am happy heart rate 50 low night 34 why meddle.

i left hospital quite pissed why junior consultant doctor play god appauling

and lack training i no specalist not stupid understand my heart

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It is frustrating when your medical notes aren’t read. Glad you avoided serious problems and are well and back home now.


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