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Alcohol while on Beta blockers..?

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Hey all, I was put on beta blockers about three months ago due to very high heart rate, a small dose, think it's 2.5mg. I'm also on 20mg of prozac daily. I haven't drank in perhaps about a year...I've never been one for drinking really, but Christmas is coming and some new friends of mine would like me to partake in a few with them. Is it okay to drink maybe up to three glasses of one while on beta blockers? (Can't hold my drink very well so two will have me drunk in no time!!!) Or should I go tee total this christmas and new years? Any thoughts? Thanks :)

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Hi daggerblaze, I dont see why not I'm on bisoprolol same dose I enjoy a glass or two, too much it becomes a depressant but I think you'll be just fine


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DaggerBlaze in reply to skid112

Thanks Mark! 😊

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If you were on beta blockers alone your GP/consultant might agree to the occasional small drink. Alcohol can further lower the BP causing dizziness. However you are also taking Prozac. Both beta blockers and alcohol are depressants whilst Prozac is an anti-depressant - you should see a conflict here! Alcohol and Prozac do not mix well and the alcohol will amplify side effects. The two together can also seriously affect judgement potentially resulting in an accident. I have seen somebody mix the two and their resulting behaviour was totally unacceptable.

So I think it is a no this year. Try the various non-alcoholic drinks over the next week and then top up for Christmas! :)

Hello there! Thanks kindly for your reply 😊 I have been on the prozac for a long time and drank on it before but I think I will ask the doctor about it after reading your comment as one can never be too careful 😊 Thanks again!

Eat, drink, and be merry. I guess the first thing to say is that you can have a great time without alcohol and your friends really shouldn't push you to drink either. That said, I can only speak for the beta blockers (rather than the Prozac), but you can certainly enjoy a drink, but be sensible, one or two will be fine. Getting drunk is probably not a great idea (actually it might be a great idea, but not very smart in practice). Try and break up the alcohol with soft drinks in between (water would be best). Have fun


Thanks Steve! Definately won't go mad but one at least would be nice! You're right about my friends actually...since moving I've just wanted to fit in but you're very right about friends not pushing friends to drink!! Thanks 😊

Hi Daggerblaze,

Welcome to the forum.

SNAP!!...I'm on Bisoprol 2.5mg and Prozac 20mg.

Like you not a heavy drinker but enjoy the odd tipple at weekends (about 5 units in total)

I havent noticed any adverse affects yet but then again I only have 2 beers a night :-).

My advice is the classic cliche...everything in moderation is fine.



Hi I am on the same dose of beta blocker, and I still enjoy my wine, mabe too much at times, oops! 😱but I do suffer a bit more in the morning boohoo, but seriously I think everything in moderation is fine, and that it would be ok with the prozac, I would mabe check on that, take care and have fun xx

I’m tee total cos my heart health even though I have a different heart condition and done a fair few Christmas’ without drinking. It probably helps that I don’t believe in getting drunk.

Hello Dagger Blaze. Alcohol should be avoided while on such tablets/ but I ve been on bisoprolol for 6 yrs ( 7.5 -10 mg) and do like champagne and wine. I have tablets in the morning and alcohol in the evening (that leaves few hrs apart and alcohol and tablets are not mixed), with friends or at parties. Nobody even knows about the heart problems and tablets. If you get a low alcohol wine (5%) and have only 1 glass, may be ok. Also, keep drinking water afterwards to keep hydrated and that dissolves alcohol even further in yr body. I find white wine lighter than red wine. Stick to 1 glass and dont top up< All the best

Hi Dagger Blaze

I have been on Bisoprolol, 10mg, for nearly four years amongst other tablets for heart failure. I have a can of lager or a couple of glasses of wine most days and it doesn't seem to do me any harm. But everyone is different and you should try a glass or two of wine before any event where you may overdo it. The danger is dehydration in the morning along with low blood pressure, so try and drink water or juice along with the wine. As for the Prozac, you say you've been on this a long time so you should have an idea of any effects. If in doubt ask the doctor the effects of the drinking with these two drugs taken together. But don't let your health problem or the worry of your health problem spoil xmas, just be careful.

I was able to drink when I was on Beta Blockers - never noticed any difference. Not sure about the Prozac.

I find it a bit of an embarrassing subject to raise with my Doctor - not sure why.

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I've been taking Metrolopol Tar 25mg for a week now. One in the morning and one at night. I'm a beer drinker but havent drank since I've been taking this medication. I take it for High blood pressure and anxiety. My heart races with my anxiety. My doctor knows I drink and didnt say I couldn't drink. I asked my pharmacist could I have a few beers he told me yes but I have to wait 6hrs after taking my first pill then 4 hrs after drinking my beer. Why is that? And does that sound right?

Hi I'm in a similar situation as you although I take 50mg Sertraline once a day plus just this week Iv had Bisoprol 2.5 mg diagnosed by my doctor after various tests at the Hospital and more to come. I to enjoy a white wine or 2 and yesterday for the 1st time in 3 weeks I enjoyed a few wines with my friend. I felt fine today. Hope I'm not pushing my luck

I'm on bisoprolol 2.5 mg and I was on prozac 40mg and bisloprolol 2.5mg for years still drank (too much at times )when was out but no probs

I just started a beta blocker a week ago ,Metropol (something close to that) The bottles not near me ATM..If I’m going to a friends am I safe to have a-UNO glass of wine ?? I am yes still getting used to it and feel the groggy/lightheaded feels plus I take Xanax daily but I have taken that for 22 years. JW , I asked google and that was terrifying so I rather ask someone who’s experiencing what I am.The reason I was put on this in the first place was for skipping beats and extreme adrenaline rushes.Any two cents welcome

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Hill2008 in reply to Empoppinz

Did drinking made the skip beats worse. I have the same issues

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