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I'm new here!

Hi to whoever reads this.

I don't quite know how to introduce myself so please excuse any mistakes in protocol.

I am a patient rather than someone's carer.

Age 63 and in poor health - no kidding, lol.

Three Heart conditions, it sounds better than problems, I think.

Bradycardia (an abnormally slow heart beat) I've had a Pacemaker since Nov. 2010.

Atrial Fibrillation (The upper chambers -Atrial- beats Fast and Irregular) I've been taking Warfarin since July 2015 and my INR hasn't stabilised.

Tachycardia (Whole Heart beating fast at rest - I think) No treatment.

A massively blocked Femoral Artery.

Diabetes, High Blood pressure.


I'm pretty healthy really or to quote a Doctor in Ambulatory Care "Considering everything you have wrong with you, you are remarkably healthy"

What can I say? I supposed its better to be born lucky than rich.

Intro over.

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hello istilllaugh, welcome to the forum, love the name! My word you have a lot going on, far too much, glad you are lucky. Sit down grab yourself a cuppa and join in the fun




Thanks for the welcome. A cuppa and fun sounds good. Even though it was probably Fun that lead me here, lol.


I've had the "very healthy considering" comments too. You do have to laugh, don't you? Welcome to the forum :)

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Thanks Laura_dropstitch, or may I call you Laura. At times it’s seems a Laugh or die situation. (Big boys don’t cry, lol). Mind you I stopped being a ‘big boy’ in my distant youth. Thanks for the welcome.


Hi and welcome! You have quite a bit going on. My question is how long have you had diabetes and what Type, I or II? I celebrated being Type I for 50 years (the Golden Syringe award) by being diagnosed with (genetic) CVD. One less documented fact is that elevated and unstable BGs can affect all sorts of nerves including those that control BP and heart rhythms - so good control ofs vital. I also have a very restricted femoral artery in the left leg and additional restrictions further down - this condition is known as PAD (peripheral arterial disease). This was treated by angioplasty (no stents) about five years ago but has, sadly, reverted.

I am an engineer/physicist and like to understand the whys and wherefores. Although I now think I understand why arteries narrow - and it is IMHO more than just cholesterol and BP - I am unable to comment on your conditions but am sure other will.


Hello and welcome, that’s a very impressive list. Hope the luck holds out.

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Hi welcome to the group and i know the feeling i have quite a few things myself and the keep saying a medical mystery lol so yes i totally agree if u dint laughed you would cry so i look positively to the future all the time 😁😁😁😁 and glad your part of the group there a fab bunch on here x


Hi and welcome to our group, oh you do have a lot going on, it's great that you sound really upbeat, I have heart failure, dilated cardiomyopathy, but the rest of me is really healthy,so they say! it's just the main man that's the big prob hmm 🤔 , nice to hear from you and take care char xx


Hello... I have a few similar types of heart problems to you and have had a pacemaker since 2007, some days are worse than others, got to keep smiling :) take care, Tracey...

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