First Rehab Class

Seven weeks since my triple bypass. I was discharged from St Thomas’s last week. And this morning attended my first cardiac rehab class. Eye opening really as I can do more than I expected. It was a thorough work out, but I’m expecting some new aches and pains as all I’ve been doing is walking until now.

I’ve already noticed that I’m walking at a better pace than before the op (from my Fitbit); nice to have some evidence that it’s all been worthwhile.

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  • Glad to hear all is going well for you. Well done, keep up the good work ☺

  • Good to hear and well done you

  • Good to hear you can do more than you thought. Can I just ask whzt you dd? When I went to rehab after having one stent all I did for the 13 weeks was either walking or cycling. And lifting a few weights, a 8 kg bar and 2 kg dumbells. After the 13 weeks you can go and pay and then start using more equipment. Anyway all the best with the recovery.

  • Hi, the exercises included a warmup and cool down. The idea is to have graded exercises based on your condition that keep your heart rate up but include aerobic and strength. There are some low weight dumb bells but that’s all. All parts can be repeated at home. It doesn’t sound like you did cardiac rehab.

    I found I’d done a thorough workout was hot and sweaty. All exercises were designed specifically for cardiac patients.

  • Hi yes I did do cardiac rehab it is only for people who have had heart attack, surgery or stents. It is all staffed by cardic nurses, physiologists and there used to be a doctor too. They also gave talks on healthy eating, exercise, medication, does seems strange it is so different from other places I have read about on these posts. I have been to the what is called after care and have done some rowing as well. Next time I go I will ask some more questions. When I first went I had to wear a ecg moniter for several sessions.

  • You can see some of the range of rehab exercises if you search cardiac rehab on YouTube.

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