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A little worried

Hi, I'm Simon, I had a pulmonary valve stretch when I was a baby and I have now developed late Arrhythmia, SVT, Pulpertations, Sinus inversion, my right ventricle is twice the size as the left and I have server pulmonary regurgitation.

I'm currently on the urgent list for an ablation and the pulmonary valve replacement sometime in the new year.

I'm a little worried I'm not going to lie.

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Hi Simon,

its natural to be worried, your heart is a major if not the most major muscle in your body and any repairs to it are bound to cause consternation. You are though in good hands, these procedures are performed numerous times weekly and you will recover. There are members on here who have gone through these and will be along with their own experiences, weekends tend to be quieter on the forum.

Also you may want to give the BHF a call, they have some wonderful people there who will be able to talk to you 0300 330 3311, open weekdays

good luck



Thank you for your reply Mark. It does rest my mind a little to read such positive comments.

Interestingly I work for the BHF and had never considered calling on my own behalf.

Thank you.



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