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New Experience

Hello started to get a new experience and just wondering if anyone else has the same ??

Started to wake in the middle of the night and hear my heart pumping/thumping away when I am lying on my side It's not going fast but it is thumping. It misses beats 1 every 5 or so which I think must be the ectopics only I don't feel them like I do during the day !!!

I must admit it is a relief to hear it thumping away, as the alternative is not worth considering.

Anyone else lying awake listening to the pump working away ??


Frank W

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Hi Frank

In the days/weeks/months before I knew I had a problem and before my triple CABG, I used to resent hearing my heart beat when I lay on my side because it kept me awake. Now, it’s comforting to hear it, but it still keeps me awake 😩

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Hey Frank, yes I get it too, on my sleepless nights I try and count the beats, usually enough to ket me nod off


its funny you mention this now, i woke in the night last night and had my heart pounding in my chest, i am waiting for a triple bypass and also had symptoms similar to when i had a heart attack 18 months ago, which was not your classic heart attack, with no pain or gripping chest.

i did dial 999, and the ambulance ended up taking me in and everything checked out ok, so sent home, which is good. i have been back to sleep in bed since getting home and again had the pounding chest when led on left side and wonder if it is where my heart is vulnerable and when on left side it gets pressured or constricted so goes into the pounding, because when i change position it slowly goes away.

so hearing your stories has really helped to reasure me and help me perhaps get it into perspective, but do find it increadable that this pops up now.

thank you and God bless



I remember this happening to me a lot when I was pregnant, which was a time my heart was really struggling. I don't get it so much now, but I do sometimes wake up feeling like my heart has done one massive thud. Also, my husband wakes me up now and again to check I'm OK because my whole body is vibrating. Now, that is a weird one... It's usually when I've just dozed off but I'm not aware of it at all. Imagine it's something to do with one of my medications or my pacemaker? I think I'm usually lying on my side when that happens. I do think lying down, especially on your side, makes you more aware of your heart, but maybe it's worth mentioning this to the doctor since it's a new symptom for you?


Well I got that same sound and feeling a few years ago, 14 years to be exact. Yes first memory was the night my mum died.

Over the years it would come and go, but only for short spells.

However, 6 or so months leading up to my HT I got it most days and pretty much every night.

Very loud and strong heavy feelings if heart beating in chest a year or so before bypass.

Have always been told it is tinnitus.

Really bad after bypass opp, told b it was normal after bypass. But of course I have exspireanced this for years on and off. Only now my top halve of my body was going nuts.

Taken back in two weeks after discharge from opp. The night was spent with different consultants visiting me. Then one consultant finally told me what was going on by given some awnsers.

Put on Bisoprsol 2.5 again, hadn't had that since year aftet HT, as they said I had slow HR anyway.

I still get loud heartbeats in ears and still feel heart beating, day and night. II am just more aware of it at night when it is quiet. I usually put a documentary on or music in the background. So tge beats move to the sound of the music.

Again I am told it has nothing to do with the heart. It is tinnitus? So who knows, I guess it must be tinnitus then.

I actually quite like the sound now, I guess it makes me feel alive 😊


I went to see my Gp yesterday with this problem, I could hear my heart beating loudly in my head worse when lying on my right side.

She examined my ears and said both my eardrums are retracted and that this is causing the sound. She prescribed me a steroid nasal spray to try and said if no better in 4 weeks she will refer me to ENT.

Hope this is helpful.


Thanks for the replies good people. I have an appointment with the GP tomorrow ( routine ) but I will mention it to her. Good to hear it happens to others.


Frank W


Not Good to Hear it happens to others

Sorry didn't mean it to sound like I am pleased it happens to others. Just pleased to know I am not dreaming it !!!


Frank W


My consultant advised lying on my left side in bed, your heart doesn`t have to work so hard. When l attended a first aid course they said to always lie a person on their left side in the recovery position, so it must be correct. Hope that helps! Take care.


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