Current scene :) Meow!

Current scene :) Meow!

Following Dory's example and hoping a pet pic might bring a smile to someone's face. This one goes out to all the cat people! 🐈 I'm feeling a bit better today, following a 13-hour sleep last night. So grateful that my mum is baby-sitting for the weekend. I intend to rest like a...mofo?! 😂 Currently on the sofa in my lovely new jammies with Lola the cat and a good book. I rarely read hardbacks and have actually been too weak to hold this up over the last couple of days (!) so switching between the book and films/TV when my arms/eyes/brain get tired. Still feel dreadful if I stand up or try to talk but no longer asking hubby to check I'm not dead every few hours. Ha! This is a definite improvement, right? :) Hope all you wonky hearted folks are having a good weekend x

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  • Hi Laura.... what a gorgeous pic of your snuggly cat. I too am a cat person... And will be snuggling up to my Oscar tonight as it's fireworks night and he is a scared cat 😁.

    So glad you are starting to feel a little more human again ... sounds like you have been knocked for six with that horrible virus.... so glad you have been able to get the rest you need for your body to start to recover. And take a leaf out of your lovely cat's book... And enjoy doing nothing 😂.

    It does take us heart people longer to recover when we are ill.... And it's a frightening time when we are poorly and can't function! Keep drinking plenty of fluids and sleeping when yoi need to.... and thank goodness for your lovely mum 😁😁

    Take care and have a chill out weekend xxx

  • Cats definitely set a good example in the art of laziness. Planning an afternoon of napping with them :)

    Hope Oscar survives the fireworks x

  • Lovely relaxed cat

  • How lovely is Lola,

    So wonderful to hear you so chirpy Laura. Good old Mum for taking care of your daughter so you can chill out and get better. Enjoy your book, films and TV - that sounds like the beginning of a game of charades, ha ha!

    I am about to set off on a walk with Boris now the rain has ceased. It takes me bst part of an hour to walk two miles, looking forward to having a healthy ‘jam tart’ so I can stridevout over hill and dale.

    Enjoy your duvet day Laura,

    Dory xxx❤️💕❣️

  • See Laura the power of thought. Told you all us wonky heart people would chase your illness away. Glad your feeling better, our cat is called Gucci because she is a designer cat " cost a fortune " a lovely Bengal.

    Take Care

  • I love bengal cats! I have made a few (fruitless) enquiries about bengal kittens this year. Our two cats are 11 and very set in their ways and TOLERATE my daughter's attention. I would love her to have a kitten to grow up with, since my husband will never agree to a dog. He says he won't agree to a kitten either but who could resist a bengal really?! Don't know if the cats would be any happier about a new kitten than a puppy, mind you...

  • She is beautiful and so soft. She does cover every inch of the house in hair though...! Enjoy the walk and the jam tart :)

  • Hi Laura,

    I had a lovely walk thank you and managed to avoid the rain which was a bonus. Sorry for the confusion , but ‘healthy jam tart’ was referrence to the old ticker as it is Cockney rhyming slang for heart.

    Hope you have enjoyed a good read snuggled up with Lola.

    Dory xxx💕

  • 😂 I did wonder how a healthy jam tart could be achieved or savoured!

  • It would certainly undo the benefits of a walk! x

  • She looks beautiful. I find it very relaxing snuggling up with my cats, although it can get a bit crowded with six of them, especially when several of them want to share the bed. Leo's a bugger for coming in at night and climbing on me for a cuddle or trying to get under the duvet, even worse when he's soaking wet!

    I have a Kindle, lot easier to hold than a book and I can turn the page with one hand - leaves the other hand free to stroke a cat, hold a drink or a biscuit 😸

    Hope you start feeling lots better soon.

    Wendy xx

  • My cats always used to sleep with me but my husband won't let them in our bedroom any more. Last night I slept in my daughter's bed so I could cough to my heart's content and both cats came in with me this morning. So nice to be snuggled up with them...until they started fighting! Ha!

    Lola (pictured) is such a sweetheart who has never scratched anyone but her sister Poppy is ferocious! She was the runt of the litter and I suspect she might be a bit blind? She lets me stroke her, nobody else, but will still attack if I approach from the wrong angle. Lola is very vocal and does this strange relentless quacking when she wants fed. She is obsessed with food and will swipe toast from our hands. We can't leave anything edible lying about.

    They both drive everyone crazy but I do love having them :)

  • Morning, kitty is too cute, glad to hear that you are slightly better, and hopefully on the mend, take care char xx

  • Thanks, Char. I at least have the strength to hold my hardback book today. Onwards and upwards! 😂

  • Kindle for me, easier to hold, I admit to having a bit of a sore head this morning, but self inflicted with the vino 🍷 lol we were at a 60th in the piccolo mondo in Glasgow last night, a great time was had 🍾 just not so good today hehe I will never learn, take care char xx

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