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Hi, I’ve very recently been diagnosed with a moderate form of Myocarditis. The diesease is having a massive impact on my life. I struggle to do everyday tasks such as walking up the stairs and taking a shower. I was admitted into hospital on New Years Eve via ambulance due to extreme chest pain and unable to breathe.

I’m just looking to speak with people who have the same condition.

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Hi there Chris,

a few on this forum and here are a few links to some threads on it

hopefully one of our members will be along soon


Hi Chris, me again - I have it at the moment: I completely understand!


I feel your pain. I'm 5 weeks on from my hospital trip with chest pains which resulted in myocarditis diagnosis. it's frustrating as your body does seem to slow down. I have been trying to rehabilitate myself with walking etc but I find my body aches so much and after I could sleep for days. I'm still awaiting an mri to see if the damage is lasting etc however I am without doubt struggling with everyday tasks. I think only time Will tell and I can say that now my meds have settled a little I am starting to feel a bit better. just be kind to yourself and take it easy. :-)


Hi Lizzie, what meds are you taking? I’ve been advised to nothing strenuous as even walking the dog for 30 mins left me requiring a 2 hour sleep on the sofa!

How was your Myocarditis diagnosed then? My cardiologist told me it can only be seen on a cardiac MRI?

Do you get pain in your legs? Sometimes I’m in agony but I guess that’s due to the oxygen not being circulated properly.

My cardiologist informed me not to expect much change for about a year!!


How did you find the angiogram? For me it was the worst experience of my life


hi... my was diagnosed by a combo of high triponin in bloods, ultrasound showing swollen heart and an angiogram ruling out artery blockage. I too found the angiogram very painful. my arm went into spasm with the tube in and I was about to faint it hurt so much. although my mum and dad both had them with no pain at all! I'm on bisoperol, ramaprill and lansoperol or however you spell them! I'm looking forward to an mri to get more detail. like u say it's all napping at the moment. I feel like I should be going back to work through guilt but I know that physically my body wouldn't cope


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