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GOOD NEWS, finally l am cheerful and optimistic again!!!


Thanks for all your previous replies. l thought l would share the results of my hospital check up on Friday. When the sepsis and infective endocarditis ate some of my heart and aortic valve, my hero consultant rebuilt it using a special medical tube and placed the mechanical heart valve inside (how clever) the walls of my heart have merged onto this tube and the state of my heart is now only slightly below par of a normal one. l feel like a great weight has been taken off my shoulders and l even got to see and hug my two special Angel nurses who never left my side in lCU. Today l am going to Starcross in Devon with my Husband for a week in a caravan its lovely there and not far from Dawlish warren. lf anyone replies l cannot get back to you until next week, in the meantime thanks for all your support you lovely people. Take care,

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That is fantastic news Sue, I am so pleased for you. We are truly blessed with some wonderfully skilful surgeons and dedicated nurses.

Have a wonderful holiday in Devon.

Dory x❤️💕❣️

kefalonia1 in reply to Ethel13

Thanks Ethel l am back now, it was so great to get away. Take care, Sue x

Great news - Enjoy your well deserved holiday.

Joan x

kefalonia1 in reply to Mirador19

Thanks Joan, l did, take care.Sue x

skid112Heart Star

Fabulous news, enjoy your well deserved break

kefalonia1 in reply to skid112

Thanks Skid, it was great apart from the weather. Take care, Sue x

skid112Heart Star in reply to kefalonia1

Great to see you back on form Sue,

Take care Mark

kefalonia1 in reply to skid112

Thanks Mark, l am back from Devon now and still good. l visited my family Sunday and sat with my wonderful Daughter in law and my "Boy Band" Husband, two handsome tall Sons, and a trio of monkeys (Grandsons 3, 5 and 7 years). As l looked around at my lovely family l felt so lucky to be alive and determined not to let my illness define me. My new mantra is " l am a survivor not a victim!" l hope this helps others in the same position. Take care,.Sue x

Hi so lovely to hear your good news . Keep well and enjoy your holiday. I love Devon hope the weather is kind to you. X

kefalonia1 in reply to Plum53

Thanks Plum, Devon is lovely but the weather was not that good. However we managed to visit Port lsaac where Doc Martin is filmed and that was great and so pretty. Take care, Sue x

Great to hear Sue. Hope you have a fantastic break, you deserve it.

Wendy x

kefalonia1 in reply to Fredders

Thanks Wendy, it was lovely. Take care.Sue x


Hiya that's fantastic news, it's amazing what surgeons can do, the NHS has many faults but when I hear things like this I am so grateful to be under there care, have a lovely holiday, you deserve it after all thats happened, take care xx

kefalonia1 in reply to Hidden

Hi Chaz, thanks for your reply. The care l had for my 92 days and 6 hours (not that l was counting!) was amazing. Having had a stay in a private hospital 18 years ago l would definately say the NHS was far better, l felt truly cherished by all the staff. l did have a great break. Take care, Sue x

So happy for you, have a great time in Devon 💕

kefalonia1 in reply to KazSumm

Thanks Kaz, it was lovely. Sue x

Fantastic news! Just what you needed! Hooray! Hope you have a lovely holiday and long may the good news keep coming xxx

Thanks Laura, l had a lovely time especially with the good news. l have a pacemaker check on 01/11 so after that l hope l am done with the worry and will jump out of bed each morning like a gazelle!! Take care Sue x

Have a really good break - Devon is lovely whatever time of year.


Hi honey, thanks for the kisses they are always welcome, can't believe that post was two years ago! lt has been a long road to recovery but l am now almost back to where l was physically, l think by far the hardest has been the emotional side with guilt not letting my Husband call the ambulance sooner etc, and flashbacks of terrible hallucinations due to the drugs in lCU. Fast forward to now, my 3 months spent in hospital seem a million years ago. l know this site is a serious one but it saddens me a lot not to see much humour or optimistic posts lately, they brought light relief to me in the darkest of times. l wish you well on your journey, there is light at the end of the tunnel mate but it takes a while. Sue xxx

So nice to hear such positive news from you.What a long hard struggle you`ve had but obviously your spirit and determination(plus medical science!) have seen you through.My very best wishes for the

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