any tips for exercising on a fluid restriction?

Hello, all. As you know, I've been going to the gym lately. (I did mention it, right? Did I mention it? Mention what? That I've been going to the gym? I've been going to the gym, people!) With my heart failure, I'm on, or meant to be on, a fluid restriction of 1.5 litres a day. I've never followed it ALL that strictly, but do try to stick vaguely to it. My question is, since exercise obviously dehydrates you a bit, is it OK to drink a bit more on gym days? I know I was advised to drink when thirsty (though not pints and pints of water) when I was breast-feeding, so I guess the same applies now? But I feel like I could drink gallons after exercise! Now, I COULD replace my coffees with water, of course, but I'm hoping one of you has some advice that means I won't have to resort to such drastic measures... Thanks in advance.

P.S. Gym is still going well. I'm not feeling so great at the moment (low energy, low mojo) but am still managing 2-3 visits a week plus my usual daily walking and a small weekly swim. All good :)

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  • Hi Laura - it’s great you joined the gym! We definitely haven’t been talking about it at head office...

    It’d be sensible to at least have your full 1500mls on a gym day (and more water than coffee on these days too!). If you’re still feeling a little dry then usually around 100-200mls extra to compensate for what you’ve lost through sweating is usually fine.

    Good luck at the gym (which we didn’t know about before).


  • I can't believe I forgot to inform everyone about my gym membership! I can always cobble together a short PowerPoint presentation on my workout routine if you want further details, just for general coffee break chat purposes. Or for the BHF AGM, that sort of thing.

    Thanks for the fluid info! :)

  • you should be proud of yourself, you're streets if not miles ahead in our little fitbit group. Your gym work outs are far more suited to you than when you first started. The low energy I can fully relate to still find that comes and goes but your mojo, be proud you;re doing damn well!

  • Aw, thanks! My daughter just started school in August and, although her school is the local one, I'm finding drop-off and pick-up combined gives me close to my 10,000 steps. My dad (my usual Fitbit sparring partner) is most bemused - I've gone from only ever beating him one week (with a mammoth effort and sneaky tactics) to beating him every week now. I guess this relentless round-trip to school could have something to do with my tiredness! I've been going to bed earlier than my five-year-old a few nights a week! 😂 Really I want to be hunkering down for autumn, reading and sewing and crocheting, rather than exercising, so I am determined and I am proud of myself, I think I just...begrudge it a bit? Hopefully in the long run it will mean more energy rather than less and I'll be able to DO IT ALL!

    I see your step count is zooming back up now, by the way. Take it your shins are better?! Almost looking forward to the day you steal my Fitbit crown, then I can put my feet up for a week ;)

  • Honestly Laura I admire you and the effort you out in, it's natural to be tired it's a hard slog at times, if I manage 9 or 10 pm I feel I've achieved lol. Yes the shins are better but I'm advised not to push too much so im looking at 12k steps a day initially plus gym twice a week and now cycling, blimey no wonder im tired!!

  • If that's you taking it easy, I really had better watch my back! 😂

    Tonight I managed to get my daughter to bed without falling asleep. Score! Going to watch some telly with a glass of milk (want some of my hubby's wine really but attempting a sober October...) and then hit the hay. Rock and roll! 😎

  • We know how to live, I'll be hitting the (1) gin and tonic tomorrow night.

  • From someone who is currently at the bottom of the fitbit group, I wondered how you were doing it! Such good news you are going to the gym - that had passed me by completely!!! :-) :-)

  • Yes, I don't like to mention it... :)

  • Wow Laura I didn't know you went to the Gym well done. I just walk currently. Going to join a Gym Like You when Cardiologist says it fine. See the Cardiologist on the 31st October. I am lucky with fluid retention don't get much bother with it !! I think it must be the Furosemide and Eplerenone keeping it at Bay !!! I do only drink half a cup of Coffee and pour the rest away, and I try not to drink after 7/8 pm other wise I have to get up in the night.

    Almost 1st week of Sober October over with and not a drop has passed my lips so far ( honest ) Not much on today only Bloods at the Drs 0844 how precise is that for an appointment !!

    regards Frank W

  • Hell mend you if you turn up at 8.45, Frank! That's such a funny time for an appointment :)

    Furosemide and Spironolactone keep my fluid retention at bay, but also play havoc with my kidneys. I think (touch wood) we've got the right balance now, but I have to keep a pretty close eye on it. That's why I don't like to get dehydrated either.

    Not a drop of alcohol has passed my lips either, but must admit I was sorely tempted last night. Would love to make it to the end of the month... Can't believe I came so close to caving on day five! Ha! Having your appointment on the 31st is a pretty good motivator, I guess. Good luck!

  • Spiro I smile now every time I see that. I started on Spiro and felt I was putting on weight it seemed to be around my cheat area. Then talked to a Pharmacist who specialises in Cardio. I was getting boobs it seems it is a side effect for men so Spiro was changed to Eplirenone much better now gone from a 42 B cup down to flat chested ish


    Frank W

  • That is really interesting! I wonder whether it has a similar effect on women? I think the M&S bra fitter wonders what my secret is sometimes... Ha!

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