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Safest places for emergency care abroard after scad heart attack

Hi. New to the forum , apologies if i have written this in the wrong place or done something wrong .

I had a very rare heart attack in 2009 . Called a s.c.a.d. I almost died , but thanks to the excellent emergency services there quick as a flash, they saved my life . We are trying desperately to pluck up the courage to take a holiday abroad after not going for 26 yrs , and though i am very well in myself , the anxiety and trauma remains large in my mind. Does anyone have any experinces of emergency health care abroard ? Which places can we go to that are most capable of dealing with life threatening emergencies? Hoping to go nov , dec or jan . So pretty soon really . To be honest we dont care where or what we do , just want to know its got good hospitals. Not really interested in Spain or Portugal. We are more snow/ cold weather kind of people. Physically i am very well. I go running and all sorts , so its the mental anxiety thats most problematic, hence needing to know the emergency care is there in case. Anyone for any experiences ? Thanks :-)

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Hi Sammyboyo, welcome to the forum. I've had a look on previous threads and cannot find anything on overseas emergency care here. Unless you are thinking of a trip to the remoter parts of the world most countries have in place good healthcare and emergency services which I am sure will provide you with at least the equivalent of the UK

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Hi. Thanks for your help. I appreciate your time and trouble. Thank you :-)


Hi Sammy..... I too am worried about going abroad due to this type of issue. So would be good for me too to hear others views.

I am toying with the idea of a cruise as they have doctors on board and yet you can still travel to exciting far flung places. May not be for you but just a thought?

They also do many northern countries... northern lights.. Iceland.. . Scandinavia. May be a beautiful way to see these colder climates?

Whatever you decide have a fabulous adventure and welcome to the forum.

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Hi. Yes i thought about a cruise and it looks ideal . Perfect in fact . The only thing is sadly , i get very very sea sick and also suffer from a disease called menieries disease , which causes severe dizziness. Last time i was on a boat it triggered and exasperated the inner ear problem , even though the boat was only the slightest gentle rocking , it triggered a menieries attack and i was very sick and dizzy . So its no use for me and i am really gutted 😥 because it is just perfect and ideal isnt it .

Niw i heard from a lot of people that because the cruise ships are so massive , you don't even know you are on them at all . With this in mind we bought my mum an dad one for a gift . She was really poorly about 10 of the 14 day cruise with sea sickness . To the point where she refused to get back on the boat around the med and my husband almost had to fly out to get her home . We just couldn't believe how a boat so big could bring the sea sickness , but with her experience in mind , its not an option for me . But it would have been so ideal.

Thanks for the suggestion though Heartlady its a wonderful suggestion and perfect . I really hope you get to go one day and don't be put off by my mums experience as she also has menieris disease and i thnk thats why she suffered so much . I don't think most people are as bad as she was. If you do decide to go , i think we researched which cabin position on the boat was the most stable etc , and if you can avoid the bay of biscay , thats the area even my dad was pretty ill.

They do river cruis s too heart lady , so thats worth looking at also

Good luck and thanks for your help :-)

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Hi. Thanks for your reply :-) . I appreciate your time and trouble. Thank you :-)


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