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pacemaker/atrial fibrillation

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Hi my first post i am really worried i don't know how to start snice 2012 i have been suffering from junctional bradycardia/ atrial fibrillation and flutter. Friday i had done ablation for atrial fbrillation and peacemaker fitted was told procedures were successful and uncomplicated. the pain is so much pain killer's not helping can't sleep move left shoulder / feel really tired and weak. on bisoprolol /palpitations have come back can feel extra heart beat again. have history of sudden death in family lost son 14 old in 2008 and daughter in 2012 due to dilated cardiomyopathy sorry for carrying on any advice will be really appreciated.

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Hello Abid, sorry to hear about your problems, I think really you should pop into your local a&e, sounds like after effects and they can give you a check up and some stronger painkillers

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abid123 in reply to skid112

Hi thank you for replying i spoke with the hospital they said it was normal to feel like this after a ablation done and peacemaker fitted give it a few days to settle down. the pain its getting worse will go to a&e now.

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Hope it gets sorted soon let us know how you get on

So sorry to hear your family history. No wonder you are worried. I definitely think you should get yourself checked out (even if only for peace of mind) and see if you can get any more help for the pain. I had a pacemaker fitted a few years back and I did find it more painful/uncomfortable in the days and weeks following than I had expected. I also experienced strange palpitations that started a couple of days after it was fitted. It turned out that the pacemaker was making my diaphragm spasm/twitch and they were able to rectify it by adjusting the device's settings. There are lots of possible reasons for things to feel strange at this stage and hopefully it's something equally straightforward for you, but always best to act on concerns and let the professionals check you over. Hope you feel better soon x

thank you.

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A quick trip to A&E sounds appropriate - I hope you went yesterday, if not it is still worth the visit today. Take care

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abid123 in reply to Hidden

thank you

Yes sorry to hear you have had such a tough time your family and yourself. It is only natural you are feeling anxious right now.

I hope you took the advice of our friends on here by going to A&E. So you have some answers of what is going on.

Best wishes my friend, Jo 🙂

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abid123 in reply to Sina-6491

thank you Jo ,and all friends i am glad/ greatfull i found this thread on the website when I was looking for answers and found friends who have been through or are going through this. going to a&e now i tired to put up with the pain was told its normal by hospital for a 1/2 weeks after having pacemaker fitted . thank you all once again.

Glad you are getting some support & answers 😊

Hi all sorry its been a while since my last post the pain has settled down after visit to a&e was given strong pain killer's feeling much better but get very very tired in the evening time after 7pm ok rest of the day any advice much appreciated thank you

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Hi Abid, glad to hear the pain is easing off. The tiredness will be a different matter for a while as your body recovers. the bisoprolol will affect you as well as it slows your heart beat and causes fatigue. Its a long process but exercise will help in your recovery as well as build up your stamina


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Lacarno in reply to abid123

I get evenings when l am absolutely drained just can’t keep awake , just wish my Husband understood more he finds it hard to realise that l have heart probs, he doesn’t like me to fall asleep and l can see when he’s annoyed, sometimes l go and have a cry on my own because it really depresses me, my Daughter has tried talking to him but perhaps for a few days he’s ok then you only have to look at his face to see he’s annoyed, but if he falls asleep that’s fine. Does anyone else have this problem don’t know what to do fed up of it .

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Safc1983 in reply to Lacarno

My wife’s the same. I don’t have any advice I’m afraid. Still trying to work out how to broach my dissatisfaction with her attitude without me coming across as the villain.

You really need to have consultation with your Cardiologist or cardiac practitioner. They will be able to reassure you.

Hi thank you for the advice snice the post i have been much better pain wise thanks

Hello Abid i have similar problems my Atrial Fribulation is preventing my pacemaker from working properly saw cardic specialist today there is a procedure for me with my heart racing, to diconnect the top cavity and let pacemaker take over its complicated im not sure what to do letter coming to explain better i hope concerned Brian age 81

hi brian i hope it goes well for you good luck my problems are the same i am in and out of a and e very month pain is still there after year pacemaker fitted i work full time when it gets to much end up in hospital shooting stabbing pain in chest area left arm doctors can't find why.just more pain killers.

I hate taking painkillers constipation sometimes i would sooner put up with the pain, i have tablets to counteract that but be carefull not to cough ? I need two knee Ops but they cant do them because the muscles left side of heart not functioning correctly weak been taking tablet to try to strengthen them doesnt seem to have worked i get very tired fatiuged, i used to be so fit

I have the same conditions as you, it does take time for your symptoms to settle down, I have a pacemaker and do know the pain you are going through, if the pain is so bad do seek medical advice and see what pain meds they recommend for you. Believe me it will ease, but if you are concerned about the heart flutters ring to speak to one of the cardiac nurses/ or the pace maker clinic. Hope they can alleviate your worries, do take care of yourself.

First of all sorry for ur loss, I am new to this site, i also have an ICD Dfib now 6years and still get a lot of pain from it also have had 4 ablations done and still feel pain

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