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Afternoon all, my day today started in the gym, where young Neil, the personal trainer I see, put me through my paces. Treadmill, weights, bike, squats, sit ups, repeat and then repeat again. Not since my thirties have I worked so hard. He kept to his word and not once exceeded 130 him, with plenty of water and rests between.

Followed by lunch with my wife, our two grandchildren, 16 months and 5 months, and my son. Life is good but I'm very tired now, long soak in the bath then reading some work papers for about three minutes before dropping off.

I hope all of you have a great evening, for the fitbit club, my steps are down today but I'm coming to get you tomorrow, assuming my legs work!

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  • Fantastic, well done you!! Sounds like having a personal trainer keeps you on the straight and narrow with good thinking of treating my husband to a personal trainer as a xmas pressie to help keep him motivated with the gym stuff...he didn't get the opportunity to finish a full cardio rehab class as they didn't have Level 4 qualified staff where we are, so he's been left with some anxiety about how hard he can safely push himself. He was 48 when he had his heart atrack 2 years, having completed triathlons and a very keen on/off road cyclist, so he struggles with testing his capacity now...

  • The rehab helped me but lately I've struggled to get weight off so needed this extra push. I must admit to being a little more comfortable having someone watching over me

    I used to enjoy my cycling as well but the bike is sitting in my garage, one of the next steps is a roller for that.

  • Always good to have a goal, and guess your personal trainer will be able to advise on when you and your bike can be reunited πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Well done Skid,

    It's hard work doing gym, but don't over do it either. Before my HA I was a regular user at my local gym, but now fearful of pushing myself that hard. I think I am just going to stick to my walking for now. But good luck with it.

  • Well done, nightttttt.....πŸ˜†

  • I've had a busy week and my steps have been way higher than usual. Dreading my Fitbit fall from grace next week. Ha! :)

  • I love the gym - I can drive past it via two routes, its right next to the swimming pool both on the way to the GP so I have seen a lot of it recently.

    Seriously that was a good cardio and strength workout by the sounds of it. I envy you. One of the things that helps me to recover day after a hard work out is using a tens machine as a deep tissue massage on the legs. Works better than a soak.

    What is your weight target?

  • I have a tens machine somewhere, used to use it on an old neck injury, thanks for the tip. I am looking at 14 and half, old money, about 92 kilos. Though I am six foot just reading a lovely web site tells me I should be 80 kilos for my height, i think if weighed 80 kilos I'd look like a stick insect.

  • The last time I was 14 and half stone I was training everyday with high calorific intake.

    Like you close to 6ft but never weighed 12 stones since I was 19 - as a I spent most of my time looking to gain muscle. So my first target is 99 kilo's which was my competitive weight.

    Oh the 80 kilos is based on a chart and that is a healthy weight however when you calculate age, activity and BMI the scale pushes closer to the 90 kilo measure.

    So I am aiming for a healthy weight ++ which based on current BMI and activity would put me at 92 kilos.

    Let me know how you are getting on.

  • Will do

  • Hi Mark, I also use the NHS weight loss forum on HU and find it very helpful. Your BMI should give you a range rather than a fixed weight. Have a look at the forum.

  • I think these measurements should be used as a guidance rather than a rule. 80kilos is 12 stones a bit too thin if you are 6ft. To lose weight cut back on carbs as concentrating on cutting out fats takes longer to lose the weight. I don't recommend cutting out carbs completely just eat less of them. Hope this helps.

  • Carb reduction is effective but can be counter productive, I found with a couple of my meds cutting out the carbs reduced the effectiveness. I talked to the nurse at GP practice who suggested carb reduction by a 1/3 but an increase in other healthier options by 100%.

    The other suggestion that has worked really well and reduce my waist measurement is cutting out bread, even wholemeal. I changed diet to yeast free and this eliminated the bloated feeling. So wraps, pitta, flat breads without yeast are filled with all the healthy options and no fats associated with spreads like butter or substitutes, also a reduction in sugar.

    You're right about 6ft and 12 stone it just doesn't work.

  • That's what I meant about reducing carbs, things like cake, bread & pasta, but like you I still eat a normal diet just cut down on those 3 in particular.

  • Overall if I continue with the training, and I intend to, I will need to keep a decent amount of carbs for the energy they will provide. My youngest daughter is a veggie, near vegan, so I'm into my natural stuff, still getting my head round almond milk (how and why) but she makes a mean muesli, except she calls it a bircher. This is marvellous for breakfast and a quick snack post work especially if lunch is early or missed.

    I should confess wife is an ex slimming world consultant and we have never really eaten badly, for me beer, wine, gin, chocolate plus the stuck at the desk did for me. I was 17st 10 as weighed one day post heart attack, never again.

  • Funny very similar my wife was a health adviser at Holland and Barrett, so with my family history we have always had a great diet. I'm a wine and whiskey drinker although I can't eat too much chocolate.

    My post intervention weight was 17st 6lb and the desk was my place of residence.

    That has changed, working for myself I now split my time more effectively and have dropped the clients who were extremely needed, the ones who called while they or I was on holiday, left everything to 24 hours to the deadline.

    Oh breakfast and lunch have always been optional for me and if I can get by without an evening meal it used to work for me but not anymore.

  • I think it's mainly just down to age also, but I am very lucky because I have always been slim. Still didn't stop HA though.

  • Now you're just making me jealous as once I stopped competitive sports I kept in shape but not enough to keep the weight off.

  • That's my problem. I took some pictures today and will do every week as I want to see the difference. Truly hurt and aching today 3rd session in

  • Ouch hot bath to relax those muscles

  • Excellent! Glad to hear things are going well!

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