Hill walk in the early morning sun

Hill walk in the early morning sun

Morning all from sunny Spain, early morning walk in the hills overlooking the village. Hour long walk up into the hills getting the pulse (and the sweat glands) working. Only company was the lonely goat herd and his flock.

Have to do this early, even at 7.30 am it's 24 degrees but a lovely day ahead relaxing in the sun, before packing up ahead of the trip home.

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  • Looks fantastic - lucky you, just take it easy especially if you are walking alone. I can't wait to get booking!!

  • Good advice thanks Heather, I wear a fitbit and it monitors my heart rate. I am careful not to exceed 150 and always rest if I get to puffed, a good excuse for the camera to come out as well

  • What a beautiful view. Glad you did your hill walk. It's amazing that you achieved this. I am still struggling with inclines and stairs.

  • You'll get there twobells, you're still recovering from your setback and your op

  • I guess so, but I was really active before all this, but it's good to know that someone who has been through is achieving hill walks. If you arehomenow thanks for bringing back the sun.

  • Amazing!

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