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Referral to St Thomas's at last

At last my referral to Mr Michael Sabetai at St Thomas's has come through. It's for next Tuesday and will take all morning, I'll have fun getting there as I live in Kent and all the usual railway stations I use in London are closed. I'm being referred as I have one blocked and two restricted coronary arteries.

No idea yet when the op will be. I'll be put on their waiting list I assume. Hope it will be soon so I can be fit for Christmas.

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Good news Phillip, hope the journey isn't too stressful and the waiting list isn't too long. Let us know how you get on and if you have any questions about whatever procedure they recommend


Hi Philip I live in Kent and was referred to St George's for my bypass. As you can imagine a bit of a treck! Anyway they were very good and did the pre-med on the same day as the consultation meaning that I didn't have to make the journey again until the operation. On travel go on the high speed to St Pancras if you can. You can then go on the Northern line, change at /euston for Northern line Charing cross branch for Waterloo and St Thomas' Good luck. Don't know which bit of Kent you live in but I live East Kent Coastal area and I can tell you the rehab team are excellent.


Oh you poor thing, I guess I am luck as I can walk to my cardiology unit in an hour & fifteen.

I recon you'l easily be sorted for xmas & the new year.

Good luck on your travels to your appointment :)))))


Hi Sue Mary that's the route I'll take. Probably the only one workable next week.


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