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I am new here so Hi every one

Hi I am cayenne I am 78 years old male I have had two triple bye passes one stent a spinal cord stimulater? I jump in and think later sometimes good some times bad but I think it is good to go through life telling people how you feel about a topic and telling the truth I hate all forms of violence love me or hate me if I think you are right I will be right behind you 100 per cent lots of love to you all cayenne.

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Hi Cayenne - welcome! Hope to see you posting more on our community :)

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Yep, welcome to you my friend.

Yes I think you will like hearing about the topics from everyone on here. I hope we don't bore you.

For example, you'll have to excuse my poor spellings & grammar in future posts. I wouldn't want to be an irritation. But I have a brain injury. Patients is needed in that area with me, I am afraid.

I have got a family member you see, who is reasonably educated. He quite often makes it clear he hasn't got the patients for the uneducated, like myself.

So please join in the conversations.

Hopefully with your expirience, you'll have some very wise advice for us all 😊


Welcome to the group Cayenne look forward to hearing more from you


Hi cayenne when I read your post I have had the very same as you have even my age is the same I am curious why you call your self Cayenne I feel I am still alive today because I take large amount of cayenne pepper if knew what I know now about cayenne I would not have had all the treatment it has done more for me than all the ops tweety 78.


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