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Living with CHD


Hi all, - I reasonably new to the forum, my history is that for over ten years it appears my GPs had mistaken respiratory infections and chest pains along lack of mobility as a single issue, symptoms of a lung condition.

Having relocated one visit to a new GP and the diagnosis was adjusted to CHD - with Angina and atherosclerosis affecting the neck, legs and arms. I had experienced many extreme heart related incidents over the previous two years, the emergency referral to Coronary unit for assessment and I ended up with stents.

Two interventions down and we are now in the position of waiting for the conditions to deteriorate before the major surgery.

Sadly the prognosis is that the angina will be reduced but the other symptoms will continue. Had it been diagnosed earlier the progression could have been slowed but such is life.

Anyway life is as much about attitude as it is condition. Motto is make the most of today.

Thanks for reading this

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skid112Heart Star

hello Mark T, thank you for your post, it really must have been a very trying time for you and your family and friends. Difficult times ahead as well I for one am glad you shared and I hope the new diagnosis, plus treatment is as effective as it can be

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One thing we have to accept is the uncertainty of life. It is challenging and frustrating but as your comments show in other posts you have to determine that you will live with it.

Thank you for your comment and comments on other threads.

Very frustrating that you were initially misdiagnosed but I 100% agree that life is about attitude and a positive attitude is very helpful.

Most definitely make the most of today!


Hi Hidden - welcome to the community. Thanks for sharing your experience - I definitely agree with your motto!

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Thank you, today the weather is awful here in Cornwall, still managed to get the exercise in but required medication afterwards. Still achieved the goal. So my approach is always give yourself something to do you'll always feel better about the day.

Hi Mark,

Ditto to what they said.

One question though, what is CHD?

I exspect I should really know :)

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coronary heart disease = chd and coronary artery disease = cad similar but different sadly i live with both

Sina-6491 in reply to Hidden

Ha, I am such a twit, I must be loosing it, 'D'

There is alwsys one isn't there,!

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No my life is built around acronyms so I forget to use full titles

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