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PAD/CAD treatment

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this, from London , UK,38 years old, male with PAD symptoms pointing to a aortoiliac oclussion. Because my symptoms are considered mild ( does not stop me from walking any distance and improved with walking exercise) I will only see the vascular surgeon in September for Duplex scan, treadmill, and other tests to see where I stand.Pulses still palpable, warm feet but claudication sets in, with muscle burning and heaviness in legs ( less in buttocks and thighs after starting the exercise routine).

I would very much like in the mean time to start sharing some info and as much as possible get in touch with other people, in same situation and also to see if BHF has knowledge of this.

I would like to know if anyone else is aware of the new study on cyclodextrin in the treatment of atherosclerosis and the clinical trials for Trappsol Cyclo. I will post the link below for everyone to read. Trappsol Cyclo is the name for the cyclodextrin CTD Holdings in Alachua, FL produces and which is being used in the treatment of Niemann Pick Type C- the disease causes cholesterol to build up in the child’s developing brain and other organs. After reading the article and the study you can make the connection between cyclodextrin, NPc and atherosclerosis.

google.co.uk/amp/s/arstechn... s-cholesterol-reverses-heart-disease/%3famp=1


npuk.org/ctd-holdings-initi... tudy-europe-trappsol-cyclo-treatment-trial-niemann-pick-disease-type-c/

Have a read, share your ideas and opinions and lets see if we can push for the use of cyclodextrin in "compassionate use", "named pacient" or similar programs for vascular disease same as Niemann Pick patients did.

I am not here to promote any product or company, I am here to try and do something constructive.

Best of wishes

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We read your post with interest here at BHF and discussed it amongst our medical team.

Clinical trials are needed to understand whether cyclodextrin treatment would be safe at the doses needed and any more effective than statin treatment. Patients with the rare and fatal Niemann-Pick disease are in desperate need of a treatment, and so there are beginning to be proper trials in these patients of safety and efficacy for cyclodextrin – which has to be infused intravenously or, in the case of the mouse experiments referred to, injected subcutaneously (under the skin) twice a week.

We will wait to hear the progress of these trials and comment further as/if/when evidence of effectiveness is proven in humans.

In the meantime we would stress that everyone take their usual medications for PAD/atherosclerosis as prescribed by their doctor.

Best wishes,



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