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Bleep test 5.7

Hello, had two mi's over 10yrs ago and no real problems. My work requires me to run a bleep test upto 5.7, I achieved 4.2 but cannot seem to get any further due to not being able to breathe. I am not exhausted by this exertion, just don't seem to have the oxygen to breath and continue further. I've had no surgery,only 2 angioplasty and treated with the following meds, nicorandil, antenolol, atorvistatin and ramipril.im generally quite fit and work long hours, do not want to push myself in case I over do it. I'm a 54yr old male, any advice would be appreciated with regards to achieving the 5.7 required.

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It would be worth having a chat with your GP (or your cardiologist, if you’re still under their care) about this. They may want to assess you and also review your medication. Adjusting your medication may help to increase your exercise capacity.

Participating in a supervised exercise class may also help you to build up your capacity, though check with your doctor first before embarking on one. You could enquire about local exercise referral schemes (exercise programme, aimed at people who have a history of a health condition). There are some specific classes aimed at people who’ve have a heart condition (these are sometimes referred to as phase 4 classes). Your GP or local council will be able to give you information about these. Alternatively you contact your local cardiac rehab centre who may know of schemes near to you. See this website to find your local cardiac rehab centre: cardiac-rehabilitation.net. This website also has details regarding phase 4 classes.

Best wishes, June

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