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New to the group - Hello 👋🏼

Hi all,

I'm 25 years old and have been suffering with SVT/IST for nearly 10 years now and have been 'treated' with 2 failed ablations and currently on medication. I have documented my entire journey in a blog: sophiesstory-livingwithtach...

Although I do not suffer with a life threatening condition. The cardiologists are still unsure about my diagnosis and the last week has been a living hell. It's too much to really explain on this post and would be grateful if someone could take the time to read my blog and let me know if they have been through something similar or are going through something similar and can lend an ear or some advice really as it's starting to really get me down and feel like I've have been lead down a wild rabbit hole over the last few years.

Any knowledge/advise or even a friendly face to talk to would be gratefully appreciated.

Many thanks,

Sophie x

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Hi Sophie - thanks for sharing, and your blog is fantastic! It's great to see someone being so open and honest about their experiences. We're actually looking to develop a new programme of support for people with heart conditions over the age of 18, so if you're interested in feeding into this then just drop us an email at

Take care, Chris

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Hi Chris, yeah would be brilliant. Am keen to help anyone in anyway. Will send an email 😊

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