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Beyond Psoriasis
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Great news

We recently went on holiday .had a great time but the best of all my Psoriasis has all but one small patch disappeared.

Do you think we could have cruises on prescription? 

More then likely it is the Humira doing its job, as the pains in my joints are much improved as well.

I just thought I would share this with you as it makes a change me not moaning.

Regards Mike

2 Replies

Sun helps some for sure, so glad it seems to have helped you.  Last time I had severe psoriasis, sun exposure seemed to make it worse ..... yet in the past small patches have cleared up as soon as they saw the sun.  

What wonderful news about Humira!  Congrats & hope it lasts & lasts!


Stress is a contributing factor in both so makes sense a holiday helped. Does with mine too. Specially if there is lots of sun too! Great news for you!


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