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Insulin Resistance

I’m 22, live a healthy lifestyle and putting on weight continually! I weigh 108 Kgs and considering sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Has anybody been through this experience and able to give me advice?

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A 2015 study found that over half the USA now has prediabetes or diabetes. Insulin resistance is a forerunner to these conditions.

Dr Kraft did insulin assays for his patients, ranging from the 1970s to the 1990s, and found over 70% had irregular insulin responses. He referred to this as diabetes in situ; now we recognise it as insulin resistance. He stated that those people with atherosclerosis that have not been diagnosed with diabetes are simply undiagnosed. A bold statement, with the hypothesis being that insulin resistance causes atherosclerosis.

So, what can be done? Lower the glycaemic load (GL) of what you eat. There is a high correlation between the insulin load and the GL.

Don't have anomalies such as products from reduced-fat milk or baked beans; even though they are low Gi they cause excessive spikes in insulin.

Don't have protein without the natural fat that accompanies it in nature. Lean protein causes abnormally high insulin responses.

This will also help you cope with stress better. Stress hormones cause a rise in blood glucose to fuel the fight or flight response, which then has to be tempered by insulin.

Intense exercise demands carbohydrate for fuel, because fat cannot be burned in the absence of oxygen. Therefore intense activity impacts blood glucose and improves insulin sensitivity. However, intense activity by its very nature has to be brief. The first thing the body has to do following a workout is recover, so this approach has limited impact in itself.


Not a good decision. Go for idm. Don't play with the nature. Lchf keto range diet is the solution. Know your IR.

Gud luk.


Suramo, I agree with you on the lowcarb high fat (keto way of eating). Assuming IR is for insulin resistance, how do you find your IR?