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Colonoscopy date at last!

After the pelaver of the consultant wanting me to have a colonscopy whilest an inpatient and the endoscopy department wanting to do the procedure as an outpatient. It seams that the endoscopy unit have decided in their wisdom to perform my colonoscopy tomorrow night at seven o'clock. So the prep begins. Clear fluids only until tomorrow morning at seven o'clock in the morning when I will be given the first jug of prep fluid at seven in the morning and the second at one o'clock in the afternoon. As I have been more or less on a sloppy/liquid diet for 5 days, I think the prep will be easier to tolerate. Boy I cannot wait until the colonoscopy has been done and I can go back to eating proper food!

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Let me know your outcome have just been through all this too . That's probably the worse thing the prep before . I was very worried about colonoscopy procedure but in the end it was absolutely fine . I explained my pain threshold was shot away and I felt nothing so don't be alarmed . My outcome was I ended up with a stoma and that was reversed 1/07 only nine weeks later so very good outcome . The position of anything they find is crucial to the surgery later so if you need any info I now feel like quite an expert but only in very low tumours in this case!! There's lots of practical help available obviously but if you need any first hand practical advice let me know ? Steph xx


Thanks for answring my somettimes manic post. Had the colonoscopy earlier this evening. There was a nasty looking polyp which they cut out and sent tp pathology and there was only one other polyps that they found hiding behind a fold of skin as the colon decends down the right side. It seams that polyp was very troublesome indeed remaining hiden and difficult to snare which they did in the end after nearly half an hour of fighting with my very active colon. Unfoutunately after grapping this polyp in a snare they dropped it so couldn't retrieve it for pathology. Having to turn first onto my back then onto my right side then back onto my back and then onto my left side then back onto my back and all so that they could snare and remove the polyp from my right side! I had to have extra painkillers and more sedation during this time. In all I spent about an hour undergoing this colonoscopy. But saying that at least there was only 2 polyps. Hopefully I won't need another conlonoscopy to check for more polyps for another 10 years. But saying that there is still the pathology report on the one suspicious polyp that they managed to retrieve from the sigmoid paart of the colon to look forward to.

Well after having some tea and toast I can at last look forward to some breakfast tomorrow morning instead of more bowel prep! Being a member of this group has been a godsend so your support has been very much appreciated. I shall post the results of my pathology results when I have them. Thanks for being there. Good night for now.

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Good night Chrissie , thinking of you lovey . You're doing great just getting all of what happens town into the email . I opened up with all my friends about my cancer and was the best thing to do . I had lots of lucky messages and loads of support just when I needed it . I went on FB and slowly revealed all . Best thing ever and made s young friend come out too as she had kept all her cancer hidden and had friends who just didn't know what was going on and scared to ask . So carry on ! If people get offended or bored don't worry you will certainly find your true friends through this . A manic rant is good !! Here's seriously hoping for the best news ever for you but know even if it isn't there's amazing surgeons out there and loads , tons of progress even in the last few years ! You will be fine !! Stay strong and get plenty of sleep if you can thinking of you xxx Steph xx


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