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Long story short but my wife had an inconclusive syphilis test when pregnant and then got another test and was clear.

As soon as that happened I panicked and took an instant syphilis test with a 99% accuracy and was also clear (negative).

Months following this I started to develop random symptoms that I thought were liked to anxiety.

I took all std tests and have been negative.

About 9 months ago I started to feel itchy in my scrotum skin and then it burned at the start of urination.

I continue to have the burning when I pee and the itchy scrotum skin.

Are these symptoms of syphilis? I’m really worried the tests have missed something….

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Inconclusive syphilis tests can happen , as it is an antibody test. A second , syphilis specific test is then done. If this is negative , the first test did not show syphilis. Your tests were also negative. I would be reassured by this.

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Joe89 in reply to Galen70

Why would the first one be inconclusive?

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Galen70 in reply to Joe89

As I already stated - it is an antibody test. Some antibodies may flag up as either false positive or indeterminate due to personal factors, or a test failure.

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