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Help!! What is it

I had sex at the weekend and tore something so the doctor says. It has been very painfull. I then came on my period at work and put some tissue there that made me dry and sore i had a bath to ease it to see the cut better i shaved the outside of the lips of my vagina and near my anus. Now i have a line or ulcers/spots in the places i shaved.. never had them like this before i cant pee or walk! Doctors then said go to a clinic too get it checked out but i cant wait a week in this pain to get seen!! Please can someone put my mind at rest !

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The doctors should be able to tell you as well what it is. If you ask them to check down below, and they can look at the sores for you. If not, try get yourself down to the clinic as soon as you can. You should never try treat it yourself as you can't be sure what you may have.

Hope that helps, take care.


It may be herpes in which case you could do with getting a herpes viral swab taking to confirm it. Treatment with antivirals should be started sooner ideally but your body will be fighting it too so rest, painkillers and some lidocaine gel may help. If you really can't wee then you need admitting for a catheter inserting but filling your bath with water and sitting in that to wee will dilute it and reduce stinging. Putting salt in the water will help any cuts to heal too. Don't shave again until completely healed and see Dr if you think it is infected as may need antibiotics - a walk in centre should be able to help.


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