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Hello, i'm a 21 year old male, and recently i've engaged in a lot of unprotected sexual activity. After one VERY intense session, my anus felt very raw, this was during a time I had extreme diarrhoea (Do I deserve some applause for keeping it in? ).

After the 'trip', I only ate fast food (beef burgers, mostly) day and night for a few days, and noticed that I had developed an anal fissure, which caused intense constipation, bloating, a burning sensation while pooping small, hard pellets, and tenderness in my anus . The lymph nodes in my groin became tender (slightly), and I just felt very uncomfortable in general.

After using some topical cream, along with drinking some warm milk and castor oil, I have been able to poop a bit, and my fissures have become much better. My lymph nodes are back to normal, and I am now only slightly bloated. I did not feel feverish or fatigued, and have not developed any kind of rash on my body.

Being the hypochondriac that I am, I did obsess over possibly contracting HIV, and since my suspicion, I have been randomly coming across random HIV related articles, movies on tv, and jokes, which have led me to believe that the universe is trying to tell me something. Judging from all that I have gone through, should I be worried?

P.S. I only sleep with people I have known for AGES, and those who are not known to have a lot of sexual partners.

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it doesn't matter how long you have known somebody or whether you think they haven't had many sexual partners. They only need to have been with one person who has an STI. No matter how well you think you know someone, you can't take the chance.

My advice would be for you to make an appointment at your local sexual health clinic, and get a full sexual health check, only then can you be sure.


You never know where other people have been, if your "friends" have the odd binge like you do (it happens we all go through phases!) the number of potential people you're exposing yourself too gets pretty big pretty quick.

I'm no one to judge, but I get what you mean about the universe trying to give you a message. Take care of yourself, you only get one bash at this life and you're only young you've got a lot more sex to have!


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