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Sex toys

I got chlyamdia off of my ex boyfriend as he cheated on me. Whilst we were together we used sex toys, since then I have been scared to use mine, so last week I washed it thoroughly with warm soap water but I'm so paranoid I could have re caught chlyamdia and I've just meet someone and it's about to get serious now I'm scared I'll have chlyamdia and give it to him ! I don't want him to think badly of me I'm so embarrassed I just need to be sure I won't have caught it again. HELP!

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It depends what your toy is made from, if it is rubber, latex or jelly, these materials tend to absorb bacteria and no amount of washing can remove them. You should bin your toy to be on the safe side and invest in a silicone product which is skin safe. I get all mine from as they only sell skin safe products and organic lubes and I'm allergic to many substances.

Hope this helps.


When ever you start a new relationship you should both get chlamydia test (and other sits test too). You are far more likely to get chlamydia from a new bf than you are from a sex toy.


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