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No resilience


Anyone else having real trouble with the disruption being caused by coronavirus? My mental health has taken a turn for the worse - a protracted meltdown that I am sure is the effects of uncertainty and everything changing. I have no symptoms and I have yet to meet anyone who has met anyone with symptoms, so to me it all seems really far away. The doctor has given me zopiclone for 2 weeks in a bid to keep me calm, but I think that if this all goes on for months then it's likely that I will struggle for months.

I know that this is all out with my control. I know that everyone is being subjected to the same stuff. Telling me these things are not helpful. I cannot escape the feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and being trapped. Every day around mid afternoon when the meds are wearing off I just feel terrible. Many months more of this might just finish me off.

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I really feel for you. I'm struggling too. I think it's particularly hard for those of us on the spectrum. We struggle with change and this is change on a mega scale. I agree - being told what we already know doesn't help or take away the struggle we're going through. Xx

Yes change on a mega scale quite agree so difficult

You have described exactly what my daughter is going through. This is a difficult time for everyone, but especially so for you and others with autism. You are not alone. Sending you a big hug

This change is a big struggle for me too. My tips for us all is to try to think about something else