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I have ADHD not correctly diagnosed until my 40,s ( vital,early diagnosis-some hope) but i have 4 daughters, 3 of them i know have ADHD latest reports put the genetic hereditary rate at between 82-95% the media openly states how they "miss" girls with little that i see to address this ? as usual it is due to lack of money i have had all 3 in and out of CAMHS and listened to a Dr query my youngest 'rapid speech' ( the only girl i ever saw in any ADHD clinic ) i told him it was a symptom of ADHD rattled off 10 more he had on file & he still didn't diagnosis her, i am so angry at this pointless system had i the means you have your choice of specialists yet i had to fight for my own diagnosis after 3 "labels" our NHS do understand were given then changed when a new Dr took over it is abusive ! My elder daughters were typically emotional anxious school was hard with an array of what are symptoms, i instinctively understood but explaining 'how' when they would cry in school & 'didnt know why' gaining glares from 'social services' is the last thing an exhausted emotional ADHD mum needs. My elder two have since been diagnosed at 27 & 25 it was a nightmare and painful to watch my academically sound daughter 'crash' unable to sit the exams she was predicted all A* due to being overwhelmed 'missed' anxious - its unacceptable someone should be accountable merely holding your hands up declaring to know 'all' the reasons for these failings is like kicking us on the way down ? We have 1 paper published ADHD prof in girls Dr Whitwell whom i pleaded to take over my care it is a lie stating you can see the professional of your choosing and or necessity. I have a 9 year old who has been missed 3 times now , given the stats along , both parents 2 sisters and literally 'pages' of symptoms i am stunned , nothing has changed ? we have to watch our girls struggle alone ? where as boys 'whizz' through at the relative speed of the chair he sends soaring through the air , the Drs dont miss and i was told the 'lack' of such (boy symptom) aggression in my daughter meant she did not have ADHD , my eyes widened i could not believe how out of touch this 'professional' was , she wouldn't budge not even my own diagnosis & promise i didn't have an once of aggression, I didn't push this too far this were one of many , i mentioned the 'labels and lace' how i have to check for that detail kids clothes have that drive ADHD kids 'nuts' the response to use softener told me we were more 'mums' sharing a page and my obvious knowledge of ADD was not remotely on par but had UK doctors kept up to date as they do in the US the high rate of hereditary has "families" screened ! all at once ! GENIUS , well, LOGICAL

Does any one know who would be the person to address in order to highlight this its NOT a secret and there's no 'shame' ? reported strives that 'must be taken' but no one is implementing changing the scandalous lack of knowledge let alone treatment , it IS as vital as any condition in its early recognition but girls are not being diagnosed ( or wrongly labelled with a 'close enough' fit ) i have yet to meet a CAMHs psych that would know what ADHD looks like in a girl, if a medical doctor consistently "missed" diagnosing a condition at this rate they would lose their licence ( we would hope ) as "first do no harm" is a line they regularly callously cross and our girls do suffer

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Have you tried contacting your MP? Sometimes they are willing to campaign on your behalf within parliament. Also, they would be able to contact the relevant ministers to ask why these problems continue to exist in the diagnosis process. The other option is to contact the UK ADHD partnership -

They have some high profile patrons, like Rory Bremner, who are trying to raise awareness. Good luck and I hope you get support for your daughter.


To be perfectly honest, getting a diagnosis is probably easier than getting help and support in the present political climate, certainly in Dorset and Somerset anyway. One of my son's has been diagnosed with high functioning ASD and the other is definitely ADHD but doesn't want to be diagnosed. He struggles every day. My daughter is undecided about getting a diagnosis even though every online test she's done show that she is clearly ADHD. She can't really cope with stress at all so maybe going through the hassle of getting a diagnosis wouldn't help her at the moment. She's 23 now.