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Trust your instincts


I am grandmother to child who stopped talking at 14 months ,he also was having trouble with hearing and was starting to withdrawal at daycare .My oldest son noticed the hearing issue and his parents saw the lining up of toys but thought it was a smart thing but what I noticed as a caregiver came a few months later when his brother was born. He was not phased by the baby,not curios at all wouldn't go near him .I knew that was odd so we all talked about things and I started researching,I heard of autism and only suspected it because of the hearing issue but when we put it all together I was sure forward 4 Yes later in therapy since 2 diagnosed since 4 and in school now in special classes now starting to talk learning alphabets ,letters,colors very well ,My son is the more active parent ,I'm pleased with current result but know we are looking to deal with this for life . Ooh yea I'm Stephanie

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Welcome. I am glad that you were so sensitive to your grandson's needs. With the right support and love and care, I am sure your grandson will have a fulfilling life, whatever that means for him. I wish you all the best. x

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