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my nephew is showing clear signs of being on the spectrum, how do we get referred to pediatric team. Gp said need Senco report


to go to Camhs, went to camhs said we need senco report from school. Went to school- they have never heard of this report! please help!! my nephew Stanley is in an awful way, he gets excluded from school on weekly basis, has been assigned key-worker but the school don't seem to be sticking to the things they are to implement.

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Hi, I made an appointment with my Gp begging for some help with my son. She was the one who referred him for further investigation on his mental health. He was 7yrs old. Then after a year of investigating the doctor told me it was just pressure from school, I felt defeated and stupidly accepted there decision. Then at age 14 refused to attend school at all, with uncontrollable behaviour and stronger than me we had to rely on the police for assistance, whom involved social services and only then did they look again at his file. At age 15 he was diagnosed with aspergers with possible other mental health related issues and admitted at the bottom of his file (age7) said bordering towards autistic behaviour. He's almost 17 now and has shut himself off to the outside world. So SCREAM and SHOUT as loud as you can and make someone listen, because I know without a doubt I would have a different son to the boy i have today if given the proper help and support back when he was 7years old.

Primary school was an awful time for my son and i dragged him there on most days. Now I wished I just phoned to say my son is refusing to go., they would of had no choice but to investigate why. Good luck and don't give up. X

You can ask for a referral to PCAMHS first, three of my children are on the Spectrum, and we have just got the CAST forms from PCHAMS after two of them went to see a therapist first, waiting on CAMHS now. Push your GP, we were lucky to have a sympathetic GP and with my Diagnosis of Apergers, we had inside knowledge of the condition that helps alot, some GP are Very reluctant to forward your request as they don't want to LABEL you or the Child.

Doctors....and video your sons they cannot tell you its something else or make excuses.The school are failing him.., you will need to insist he is diagniosed...and get a 2nd opinion

Ok so you need to fight the school. I have been fighting my sons last school (we recently moved) for five years.

Things to note: This report does not need to be war and peace, mine was a single side of A4 paper. If he is being excluded regularly then the incidents and behaviours MUST be logged somewhere, this is what they need to put in the report. Ask the SENCo to undertake some classroom and playground observations specifically noting his difficulties and the flash points for incidents. Worse case scenario ask for a copy of his full school record under the freedom of information act and sift out the incident logs yourself, these should contain what you need and give these to CAMHS.

Secondly, contact your local parent partnership service and ask for someone to come with you to school meetings, they are part of the local authority and are there to act as an advisory service for parents on all aspects of education google parent partnership and your local authority, they will know exactly what you need from the school and probably how to get it. If he has a key worker there is clearly an issue don't be fobbed off.

I was told by the last school my son could not be disabled as he was highly intelligent and that there was nothing wrong with him he just chose to be naughty? He has a diagnosis of ADHD, dyslexia and we are on the brink of diagnosis for Aspergers. It has take us 18 months but we are almost there.

You know the child best go with your gut feeling and keep going, find a local support group they may also help as those parents have been where you are and may be able to advise you.

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