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my daughter has had problems for a number of years and had speech therapy at a young age, when she went into mainstream she started to

develope alot of problems as not having friends, bullyinging, not going to the toilet, being singled out, wetting and soiling, headlice etc and got so bad i got her out of school and into another that she did find differcult but i was able to tell the teachers ways to help understand as ast that time she had behavour problems, locking herself in the toilet, storming off to hide where she felt safe then once at home she used to trash the house so i tried my best to help her and get help but i felt that i wasnt getting anywhere and i asked social services over a 7 year period and went into voluntary care and now i cant get her back as they have blamed me for her behaviour and i just want to know if she has aspergers or not 3 carers have said that she has but how do i get the right people to confirm that, i did her a sensory room as i put together all the things that she liked and the carers that are looking after her tell her its my fault she in in care, that if she gets caught speaking american she will be punished she also was pushed by the carer twice was told that if her behaviour continues contact will be reduced also there is alot more to it when she was with another carer and even when i have reported it nothing has been done so is there anyone that can help me shed light on whether my daughter does have aspergers as she is in a school with children that has special needs PLEASE can you help

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I think you may need legal help to get her fully assessed BUT bear in mind this is a lot easier before she is 18,also that the label must help her (and you). I have found to my cost that a diagnosis does nor necessarily bring the right support. Your local education authority should have assessed her educational needs in a statement,but not any other needs.

if you have the internet look for the childrens' legal centre Wivenhoe Essex. Also speak to the National Autistic Helpline and bear in mind this is NOT your fault.