Back Pain ? I get it in my lung areas left and right, behind shoulder blades, is this typical or not please, bad aches etc

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  • Hi Donnybluewayne

    I am sorry you are experiencing this. Whilst the aches you are experiencing may be muscular there are other causes that must be ruled out. My advice would be to go and see your own doctor who will be able to check out this problem more thoroughly for you.


  • I have all bloods etc today, done all the right things, but heard of back pains with ataxia so just wondered what type of aches n pains people are experiencing. Tks

  • Ah right-sorry! I get lower back pain but that is only in bed at night and I think is a symptom of my mattress being too hard. However if the mattress was any softer, whilst my back pain would probably improve, I would have more trouble turning in bed than I have now, even with the bars supplied by OT. It is a bit of a dilemma.

  • I get occasional lower back pain too which can be severe and last for 3-4 weeks at worst. My dr recomended a book called 'Treat your own back', by Robbin McKenzie. I found the book to be educational and easy to follow. I also found that the excersises shown are simplistic and effective.

    I'm not so sure about the lung and shoulderblade pains you describe though Donnybluewayne. I had simmilar pains to this a while back but this was at a time when I was having digestive problems including constipation. My chest would ache and the pain would move round from the front rib cage area to the back. I think this was the problem for me because whenever I forget to take my laxitive medicines I experience these kinds of pains. Couldn't say if it is all related to ataxia though.

  • tks. Maybe something to do with my gastric bypass op and generally being unfit

  • i also diverticular disease which means i have a pouch of bowel which traps stools inside my bowel

  • Thats exactly what I had been diagnosed with jayjay. My Dr explained to me that my bowels have became narrow and lumpy. She also said that this will happen to everyone at some time in their life. I guess at nearly 50 its maybe happened to me at an earlier stage? I'm not sure if its related to my back pain or ataxia though? Maybe, maybe not?

  • Does anyone know anything much about ataxia ? Health professionals I'm talking about !

    I have been diagnosed type unknown until results back, no medication for balance and unsteadyness or speech which can be very slurry. Feel a bit lost at the moment with symptoms worsening and no help being available at least until apt in October.

  • Hi there

    Unfortunately,as yet, there is no effective medication for the balance and coordination difficulties seen with ataxia. The research funded by Ataxia UK and other Ataxia charities throughout the world are working very hard to do just that with some exciting results to date! It is also a problem about the lack of awareness and knowledge about ataxia amongst health professionals and again that is something that Ataxia UK works very hard to rectify. Ataxia UK is in the process of launching a new fundraising campaign to raise as much money as possible in order that these goals can be met.

    I think I remember you saying you were going to the Ataxia Centre in Sheffield recently. How did that go?


  • ian im only 42 ive had for 5 years

  • Do you manage your bowel movements okay jayjay? As long as I take my laxitive medicines I'm fine.

  • According to an Orthopaedic consultant I saw two weeks ago, back pains I have had for a while have been made much worse by my Ataxia symptoms; the unsteadiness while walking - the so-called Ataxia gait.

    She explained to me, and what she also observed in me, that my body had to work much harder to keep me upright (because of Ataxia) and that this was putting a strain on my back and causing back pain. In my case, because I had pre-existing back pain, the pain is even worse. (I have been suffering with unsteadiness while walking for some time without realising I had Ataxia, so the strain on my back has been going on for the same time, continuing to make the situation worse...)

    The solution presented to me, was to have physiotherapy that would help loosen up my back, and help strengthen my balance problems. This is obviously not a cure, but may help ease the pain.

  • I am due physio and speech therapy so maybe the physio will do the trick, tks

  • To Harriet, saw Mr M Hadjivassiliou Cons Neurologist and Honorary Reader in Neurology, lovely man, confirmed ataxia but little else, was going to study scans in depth, with next apt in October. Yesterday had a letter saying scan shows some atrophy of balance centre but no other clues. He feels we will gain a bit more information by having a more specialised scan of the balance centre. We just hoping the scan/results are ready before my October apt.

  • ian i was having bowel mangement from district nurse i know do it myself

  • Iain and those with lowere back pain,

    I used to all sorts of probllems with my stomache and back.The two seemed to be related.

    I investigated Diverticulitis then. I had Depression for years too but now I have got Ataxia I feel healthy apart from not being able to talk and move properly.I have given up my job now(about 5 years ago).I have no bowel problems or pain or spasms or tiredness just CA of unknown cause with all its frustrations.


    ps must be a pain to have two things.

  • Like yourself Marie I also suffered from depression. I also don't have problems with pain except whenever I forget to take my daily laxitive medicines. Thats when I get severe stomach and sometimes back pain. I mentioned to Dr in the hospital about the chest/rib cage and back pains which mostly occur mainly after eating. He said that this was quite common for some, who suffer form digestive problems. I also eat plenty of oat bran and foods high in fibre and fruit and veg.

  • Hello

    I get pain in the lower back all the time. I think it comea from trying to make my feet and legs worik!!They don't like i!!!! So I guess the pain is ataxia related.,



  • Though not exactly related, you may be interested in the recent (as of today!) page added to one of my websites,

    I hope you find it helpful!