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Hi all

I just wanted to ask you think of my twin sister (53) who had a shoulder operation on Tuesday morning. We both have Hereditary CA and she fell over in October and broke her right wrist and later the doctors found she had a torn muscle in her shoulder because she was unable to raise her arm and it was still painful.... Hopefully it is sorted out.

It’s bad enough to deal with the Ataxia but this she has this problem too....

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Hi Staggy1

I do hope your sister’s operation was successful. She should try and ensure she has physio for her shoulder and that she keeps as generally active as possible.

Best wishes


Staggy1 in reply to HarryB

Many thanks for your support and advise! X

After complete the operation you may seek the Chinese doctor, to therapy/ reactive/ relife the dead brain cells, using the technique “quantum therapy “

Staggy1 in reply to Ernest_lam

Many thanks for advise!

I also fell over 18 months ago and broke my wrist folowing which I had a shoulder problem. I had two sessions of physio and did the exercises 2 or 3 times a day. I got quite disheartened because my shoulder didnt seem to get any better for quie a while and it was so difficult to get dressed but after about six months it started to improve and I now have full movement. Tell your sister to persevere. Best wishes.

Thank you for your kind note - I'll definitely let her know about your experience x

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