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Update On Confused and Driving Assessment

Hi Everyone. This is just an update for people who replied to my previous posts regarding being confused about a diagnosis and on how my friend coped with his driving assessment.

My friend Dave,was diagnosed with Cerebellar Ataxia over a year ago and then told a few months ago by a Neurologist in Nottingham, that he did not have Ataxia. He went for his check up with Professor M.H. at our local hospital last week and Marios did confirm that Dave has Ataxia and was annoyed at the insulting letter (which he received a copy of) from the Neurologist, insinuating it was all to do with anxiety and not Ataxia at all. At least Dave now knows for sure, so is able to get on with his life best he can.

He went for his driving assessment at Derby yesterday and got through it with flying colours, thank goodness. He said it was very stressful and he was very nervous before it all began.

The ladies at the centre were really good and put him at ease from the beginning and reassured him all the way through. He had to do some cognitive tests before they took him out in a car. He said the driving part was very much like a proper driving test, as he had to do certain manoeuvres, including an emergency stop and he was out on the road for an hour. He was tired, but very relieved when they said he had no problem with his driving and would send in a positive report to the DVLA. He has to wait now (probably 4 to 6 weeks they said) for the DVLA to say he can still drive on his current licence, or he may get a licence for three years, that will keep on being renewed hopefully. He can still drive now, which has helped his confidence no end and he may now apply for a mobility car with automatic transmission, to make life a little easier from now on. Hope this little bit of info helps others in the same position.

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Hi sammie62king

Thank you for the update. It was absolutely dreadful that Dave was put in this situation in the first place following the consultation in Nottingham but I am absolutely delighted he was able to get the clarification and re-assurance from Marios that he needed.

Thank you also for the information about Dave's driving assessment. I am sure that will be helpful to others.

Best wishes



yes the dVLA takes their time. I had brain surgery on December 5th 2016 and was told I would be able to drive in 6 months time. I filled in all the forms the DVLA sent me as I was told I should apply for a licence 4 months post op as it took so long. I had several letters from the DVLA saying they were investigating . finally after 8 months I got my licence back but some people who had the same op as me waited for over a year for their licence. happy motoring !! Sylvia


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