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Go and whistle. πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ

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I recently fell in the house and my wife didn't hear me call . My mobile phone was in another room ( naturally! ). I thought perhaps she was upstairs but then remembered we live in a bungalow!! She has bought me a referee whistle which she ties round my neck-------tightly if I annoy her! It works very well and she feels much happier as she is slightly deaf ( I didn't say that )

Word of warning DONT use too often or you may be told to GO &. WHISTLE

Best wishes. Ted

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Hahaha good idea though!

πŸ˜‚ My husband snores (for England) and has Tinnitus, I sleep in another room πŸ™‚ I got up during the night, lost my balance and fell off the bed banging my head. He never heard a thing πŸ™„ I've got a school handbell, perhaps he might have heard thatπŸ˜‰xB

What a great idea. We're moving in the next 6 months to a house that has a very long garden and my husband, a very keen gardener, is planning to spend most of his time in his retirement making our new garden. We had planned for me to join in but we're being realistic now and I'll have to wait until its all done and I can just potter. It had crossed my mind that I needed something to summon him back up to the house, either in an emergency or just for lunch. A whistle might fit the bill. Had thought of a megaphone or fog horn, you know one of those huge ones lighthouse keepers use, or a ranch house type metal triangle but I don't want to upset the neighbours. Ha ha. I've got late onset ataxia and really find it difficult walking on uneven surfaces and do sometimes fall over. It could also be an idea for my 95 year old Dad who lives on his own but has a neighbour who, in the past has heard the crash when he's fallen so, as long as he's got enough puff, it could be something he could pop round his neck every day. He's refusing an alarm call button saying he's not old enough yet but he might think a whistle is OK. Thanks for the idea. Oh another idea is a baby alarm, not for Dad, for us in the garden. One monitor in the kitchen and the other in his greenhouse. Poor man, he'll never be able to get away and have some peace. Ha ha. Xx

Great idea, Ted (the whistle, NOT the fact that it's tied tightly around your neck sometimes...,ha!). Seriously, glad your ok after your fall!